Secretly Intent


Her finger gently traced the smooth ridge of the mahogany banister. Her presences would only be detected by the faintest of trails her fingertips left in the dust.

She turned the corner and smiled. There, in the glass case behind his desk, was the object of her intention. She thought she would never see its beauty again. Her eyes traced its soft and flowing crimson curves.

Oh how she longed to hold it in her hands once more. As she took a step towards the desk a slight movement in the corner caught her eye.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

This week I made it a twofer. I am participating in Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. This week her word is Dust.

This is also my response to this week’s Trifecta challenge: Write a response using the third definition of the word ‘Intention‘.


I desperately searched his eyes for the answer, waiting for a response I didn’t want to hear.

He was still so young, but deep down, I knew his love for her was real.

This is my response to prompt two of this week’s Trifecta challenges: Write a 33 word response using the third definition of the word ‘Anticipation‘.

Her View

This post is for Trifecta: Week Fifty-One (Anniversary Challenge). The first paragraph was written a year ago by Joules and was the first-ever Trifecta response. Then BetaRules continued the story with 100 words. My job was to continue the story. Her is my 100 word response. Enjoy!

Charts and optimal dates and preferential temperatures. One line or two. As if she could summon whatever it is that makes up the human soul as easily as she could a cab on a busy New York avenue.

Her mind wandered back to that moment so many years ago. Despite her nervousness, she had known then that whatever the outcome, it would be all right. It was her destiny.

She opened her eyes. One line….. Gazing out of the floor to ceiling windows. Her office on the thirty third level, views across the park, the skyscrapers, the city. Today, this was her world. She had created an empire. Offices in seven countries, thirteen cities. Four hundred people. Appearances on TV, quoted regularly in the press. Success, money, recognition. Fate had been good.

She opened her eyes. Two lines…..

Though she had  an inkling, the sight of the double lines was shockingly unexpected. Stunned, Vanessa took two steps back and sunk into her over-sized leather office chair. She began to slowly rub her temples, “After all these years…. why now??

No sooner than she completed the thought her office door opened. It was her assistant, Craig.

“Vanessa… is everything alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Vanessa looked down at the framed picture of her husband in front of their beach house.

She took a deep breath and slowly raised her gaze to meet his, “Craig…. we’re pregnant.

Gross Census

Through the crowd she saw him

Sidling up to his next victim

She remembered when he told her

…. she was the one

She knew he was keeping score

Another notch on his bedpost.

This is my response to prompt two of this week’s Trifecta challenges: Write a 33 word response using the third definition of the word score.