thursday ten – traveling lassie

Why hello Thursday!  I seem to have been ignoring you these past few weeks. Life has once again taken a crazy turn, leaving it almost impossible to summarize in a list of ten. But this week I made sure I took some time to share my Thursday Ten. Yes Thursday, I did that just. for. you.

  1. This lassie has been busy traveling. Last week I had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas for CES. I was surrounded by techies and gadgets galore, enough lights to make your head spin and a ton of ‘adult‘ movie stars. Guess they were also having a big conference last weekend. Thankfully I arrived at the correct conference hall! *ahem*
  2. This weekend I am off to Boston to visit my pregnant childhood bestie. I cannot wait to see her and love up on that belly. I will also be lovin up on her other two wee ones. I heard there are going to be pedicures and belly pictures – oh my!
  3. Of course, Blissdom is a few short weeks away. There I will be reunited with my internet sisters and Blissfully Domestic divas. (we aren’t really divas btw, just friendly everyday folk) Have you seen the musical line up?? Mat Kearney, Michelle Branch, Crystal Bowersox AND Chris Mann. *swooning*
  4. The musical soundtrack for season four of Californication released this week. It has some great songs and covers. Want the complete down low on the album?  Check out my full review over at Blissfully Domestic.
  5. Since I have been feeling a bit crazed and stressed lately, I decided to partake in some well deserved retail therapy. What do you think?
  6. big buddha bootsI have been devouring the book Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  It was recommended by my friend Amy and I can’t put it down. I don’t whether to thank her or hit her. The second book, Dragonfly in Amber, is secretly taunting me from me dresser. Thanks Amy.
  7. I am also participating in the One Little Word workshop. After much consideration I finally decided on my word – Grace. Stay tuned to see how my word unfurls throughout this year.
  8. In other good news, Sarah Palin’s TV show was cancelled. Hallelujah!! I will stop that rant right there.
  9. Lacrosse is back and in full swing in our house. Winter indoor has begun, with the spring season is looming in the near future. On a crazy note, I am coaching girl’s lacrosse. No, I have never played. BUT – it is on my bucket list to learn and play a new sport, so lacrosse – BRING IT!
  10. My new 365 is going strong! Yeah, I know I say that EVERY time and then I end up not completing it because I am lame and get too far behind that I get freaked out so I quit. The fourth try has got to be the one right?  Right?!?

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thursday ten – it’s been a long time

I am jumping back on the Thursday Ten bandwagon. It has been a while and I have really missed it. Funny how at certain times of the year, the days just get away from us. Curious what I have been up too? Then read on!

  1. I am sure you read I went to eBay. The trip was beyond fabulous! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – they asked me to host a giveaway. Head over to Blissfully Domestic where I am giving away $100 eBay giftcard!!
  2. All has been quiet in the attic the past few days. This could be one of two things; my critter friend has left (YEAH!) or he has dies and his dead carcass is up there rotting away. Not sure which I prefer. At least I have been able to sleep at night!
  3. Remember when Hubby and the boys got me a guitar for Mother’s Day? I finally started taking lessons. I am having a lot of fun but OUCH! My fingers are sore.
  4. On another good note – I fit into my favorite pair of Gap cords the other day. I was not able to wear them last winter due to a wee bit of weight gain. Luckily the fit again and are back into rotation!
  5. I am finally getting used to my new phone. Hubby got me a Fascinate and it required a bit of a learning curve on my part. I am loving all the apps I can download except for my latest, Unblock Me. Stay away from that game!! It sucks you in and you can’t stop playing. Hi my name is Kat and I am addicted to Unblock Me.
  6. I am trying to get myself syked for Christmas baking. I was able to avoid it last year since we went out of town. I may attempt it this weekend with the boys but the thought of the mess they will make is making me leery. Guess I had better pull up my big girl panties and deal with it!
  7. The boys and I watched the Karate Kid last weekend and we loved it! I sobbed throughout (lame). Even worse then sobbing during the movie was sobbing for Will and Jada during the closing credits thinking how proud they must be of him. Am I PMSing again already?? Geez!
  8. On a sad note, Brutus did not make it to the playoffs for the Capital One Mascot Challenge. Sigh…..
  9. Even more sad news – Brutus did not make it to the Rose Bowl either. Even worse – Hubby’s overgrown rat did!! Double sigh…
  10. Don’t forget to check out my Wii game giveaway! I am giving one lucky winner a copy of Wii’s Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike. Now hurry over and enter!

thursday ten – buckeye style

Brutus the Buckeye

It has been a while sine I have done a Thursday Ten post. I have been slacking, I know. I have been engrossing myself in my Fight For #1, I admit. What you haven’t VOTED yet??? You need a reason to vote Brutus to #1 in the Capital One Mascot Challenge? Well sit down then and I will give you ten!

1. This lassie looks fabulous in scarlet and gray if I do say so myself.

2. While the true Buckeye nuts are poisonous, the candy version is divine!

3. Ohio State University and my high school alma mater have the same fight song.

4. I still remember some of the cheer moves to our fight song and am not ashamed to bust them out during a Buckeye game.

5. Deep down, everyone from Ohio wants to dot the ‘i’.

6. Ohio State is drenched in pre-game traditions, my favorite being Mirror Lake Jump. The Thursday night before the Ohio State/ Michigan game, students plunge themselves into the frigid waters of Mirror Lake, for good luck.

7. Brutus is always a gentleman, even when wrongfully attacked by other mascots. We really love that about him!

8. It is easy to spell OHIO with four people. You can spot people doing it ALL over the world!!

9. The Horseshoe full of  screaming fans is one of the most beautiful sights in Ohio.

10. And last but not least, We of the Buckeye Nation LOVE our Buckeyes. We support then through the good and the bad times. No bandwagon followers here!!

So next time you see a Buckeye fan give them a friendly yell of “O – H’. You’ll make a friend forever!

thursday ten

What a week AND what a weekend!

1. I will take this opportunity to jump up on my soapbox and scream, “Ohio State won their game this weekend!Go Buckeyes! They are now 2-0. Let the countdown to Michigan begin.

2. Hubby completed the swim portion of the Nation’s Triathlon In Washington DC this past Sunday. I was a wee bit worried for him since earlier in the week the caught an 8 foot, 300 pound Bull Shark where he was swimming. Good thing he didn’t turn out to be “Sharkbait ooo ha ha“.

3. I also received a new edition this past weekend. Yes, Lola is a welcomed edition to my photo entourage. Quite frankly, I LOVE HER!!!

4. Lola also welcomed a new 50mm lens to her inner workings. I have been toying around with it a little bit and so far, I am liking what I see.

5. Have you been dying to own your OWN Lola bag? Maybe you are more of a Ginger type? Well Texas Holly is giving away one Epiphanie bag of YOUR CHOICE!! Oh, you read that right. Your choice! So hurry on over and enter.

6. In an attempt to fix some cracks and winterize our driveway we hired a company to reseal the driveway. Sadly, they never got to finish because the two guys got arrested and hauled off before they could finish. Sigh… now it if somewhat done and looks horrible. Guess Hubby will be finishing it this weekend!

7. The boys are in full football mode. Practice four nights a week and a game for each of them on Saturdays. Unfortunately they have been scheduled at the same time EVERY week. It is driving me bonkers! This Momma wants to watch both of her boys play. grumble, grumble

8. Got my first Christmas catalog the other day. Ironically, it was the day after I received one full of Halloween costumes.

9. I am on the hunt for a black wrap dress. Any suggestions? I am in love with the Nantucket from Shabby Apple but hate buying a dress without trying it on.

10. I am reading in to the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. So far I am really liking it. What’s on you night stand?

thursday ten – mother of boys edition

Yes, you heard it first here – being a mother to boys is full of excitement and surprises. Just when I think I have seen it all.….

1. The other morning I found this:

2. When the 10 y/o was questioned about his strategic placement of said cup, he responded, ” Well at least it will hide the smell“. Anyone want a gently used 10 y/o? Anyone??

3. On the short person front – Monkey boy is LOVING Kindergarten. Well, I take that back. I think he likes Kindergarten. He LOVES riding the bus. When I ask him what he did at school today, he always responds, “I rode the bus!”

4. While he might be loving Kindergarten, I think his teacher thinks I am wacko. Monkey was insistent that his phone number was 867-5309 and became very upset when his brother, and teacher, pointed out otherwise.

5. I also realize that I am to blame for the above meltdown because, well, I have the habit of replacing names and/or words in song. Ima Bee by the Back Eyed Peas in my head will always be SarahB. Well, I changed the name ‘Jenny’ in the above song to Monkeys real name. I also have a HUGE obsession with 80’s music. Obviously it is a bad combination all around.

6. On a happier note I am going to once again try and tackle a photo 365. It will be my third attempt. Yes, I am aware that is a huge failure rate. Yes, I realize my intent on doing 2 separate 365 is crack induced. But I purchased Flickr Pro so it will get done. No, really. It will.

7. And since we are on the topics of failure…. I have been haunted by this blog about a McDonald’s hamburger for days. Thanks Sarah! Definitely another reason why going vegan is the way to go.

8. Good news! I have a winner for my BlogHer/ Lilith Fair giveaway. Drum roll please…… Malia! picked comment #2 a the winner. Congrats!!

9. ZacPoor has released a new album and I am loving it! Mmmmm, ZacPoor. Whoops! Did I say that out loud?   Here, take a listen.

10. Looking for a great bargain??  Savvy Source is always on the look out for the best deals around in your city. Plus they have a great website for parents of pre-schoolers. They offer great deals for fun, family friendly activities, sometimes it is even 50% off the typical price! It is definitely worth registering for so you can get up to the minute deals in you town.

thursday ten – bye bye little ones

1. School officially started this week. Bear was not as excited as Monkey to go to school but he has quickly warmed up to his new teacher. He came home yesterday and told me he thought she was ‘really cool‘. Score one for Mrs H. I even put him on the right bus this year!

2. And since we are on the topic of school – my youngest started Kindergarten this week and it has left me very weepy. It’s actually quite ironic since all summer I was SO ready for him to go back to school. But now that the day is here, I am just a mess. Pass the Kleenex please!

3. Kleenex, did somebody say Kleenex?? I will now take this moment to toot my own horn (toot toot) I was the grand prize winner of Kleenex’s Hands-On Learning Giveaway hosted over at Blissfully Domestic. Yep, I was talking about the joys of making a Rube Goldberg. Ever make one?? Thanks Kleenex!!

4. Speaking of giveaways – I am hosting a $100 Visa giftcard giveaway, courtesy of BlogHer over at my review site. Be sure you head on over and enter. $100 could buy some kick butt shoes…. just saying.

5. Football!!! Oh you heard me right, football is in full swing in this Lassie’s house. Bear had the game of a lifetime last Saturday and I was left without a voice. It was amazing!

6. I am totally diggin’ on the new release of the band Elsinore. Definitely worth a listen if you are in the mood for a great Indy rock band. Definitely worth listening too if you just want to hear some great new music.

7. This week the boys and I watched the original Clash Of The Titans. It is one of my favorite movies of all time and I am sure, a cult classic. Monkey has now become obsessed with the Kraken while Bear can’t wait to compare it to the recently released version. Could they be anymore different?

8. I am super proud of my crafting abilities this past week. Nothing like a few sweets to butter up the new teacher!

9. Did I mention the super cool giveaway I am hosting? Did I mention it was about Lilith Fair? What?! You still haven’t entered?? Well, get going already!

10. I am also impatiently patiently waiting for my copy of The Screwtape Letters to arrive. Have you read it? What were your thoughts? Be sure to join in the discussion over at Blissfully Domestic if you have!

thursday ten – all good things come to an end

Yep, it’s Thursday again. Time for another lovely installment of Thursday Ten, courtesy of Sarah from This Mom’s Wired.

1. Today I had to go back to work after having the summer off. I am not happy. Did I mention my summer to-do list is no where near completion. Guess I technically have one more week till Labor Day so I had better get a move on!

2. Because I had to go back to work today I also had to set my alarm clock for the first time all summer. Obviously my technical skills took a little vacation because somehow I accidentally set my clock an hour ahead while trying to set the alarm. Did I mention it woke Hubby up too? Yeah, he wasn’t so happy.

3. This past weekend the brood headed downtown to the Chicago Air Show. While the boys and I enjoyed watched the show, poor Hubby spent two hours trying to find parking. Again, Hubby was not too happy.

4. Speaking of Hubby, he only got the outlining of his tattoo done last Thursday. Can you believe it took over 2 1/2 hours to get that much done? He goes back in a few weeks to get all the color added. It looks super cool and I am a bit partial to him keeping it just black. It has been super itchy the past few days so…. yep you guessed it, Hubby has not been too happy.

5. On the happy front, I did get to see my uber fantastic friend SarahIn Real Life this weekend. And of course, she was cuter then ever! We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time together so I am in the process of trying to convince her to move here. I think I have her sold. Now I just have to convince her Hubby!

6. On another happy front, Hubby and I have officially been in our new house one year. Does that make it still new? Does it count that there are still boxes that have not been unpacked??

7. I have cast The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to the side and have begun reading a new book. My friend Rachel recommended The Power of a Positive Mom. I am hoping it will help me tackle all the bickering my boys do with a bit more grace. Heck, I would take handling day to day life with a bit less yelling.

8. The boys had their first rounds of football scrimmages this past weekend. This weekend we have three games and a pep rally between the two of them. Man I love football!

9. Only two more weeks till Ohio States opening game against Marshall! (16 days actually but who is counting) Go Buckeyes!!

10. Since yesterday was my official last day  of summer, Monkey Boy and I spent the day tooling around together. Bear was at his cousin’s all day, so we had some great Mommy and son time. Could you honestly resist this smile? Yeah, me neither.

Thursday Ten – Shark Week

This is my last Thursday home before going back to work next week. I am not happy about it. I, like my friend Sarah, would like to move to Australia. Where there are sharks. And cute koalas. And I can be snarky. But just to the sharks cause like I said, koalas are cute and can always make me smile. Not like sharks. But I digress….

1. If you have read up on the Thursday Ten cult (ok, there are just three of us but still), you would also see that we are all PMSing (the joys of being friends) and it has not been pretty. At all. So just throw some chocolate our way and run. It’s safer that way.

2. Which leads me to my next issue. What on earth am I supposed to snarf down to appease my inner anger as a vegan?? Chocolate – has dairy and sugar. Ice cream – dairy, sugar and I am lactose intolerant. Grapes – well now, that is just mean. What happiness can I possibly derive from grapes?! What?? Sour fermented grapes! Now you are talking!!

3.The boys created a new game today. There is no official name, they just sit there punching each other in their privates till one of them cries. Uh, yeah, I know. Why do boys think up these crazy things? Can’t they use their minds for the greater good?! Well, now they are. While they are cleaning their toyroom. Together. In silence.

4. Since the new school year is quickly approaching, the boys and I have been ‘doctoring’ all week. Yep, this week we hit the dentist, the pediatrician and the opthamologist. Throw in a haircut for me tomorrow and we are all ready to go back to school. Physically maybe, mentally – totally questionable.

5. Speaking of getting ready for school – Monkey boy starts Kindergarten this year. He is mostly somewhat ready. One way I have been trying to get him even more ready is with my Grasshopper Prep Kit. I really like it and have been pleased with his progress. I wonder is she makes a kit for listening??

6. This past weekend the family and I took our annual camping trip. We tried somewhere new and loved it. Except for the overly ferocious mosquitoes that had us running to Wally World looking for solace. Thankfully Hubby came out wielding enough Deet to send every mosquitoes in the country running. Except for the ones on our camp site who still felt the need to try and get as close to sucking our blood as they could. The were even dive bombing into our car windows. Guess those were some hungry (or PMSing) mommas!

7. And sine we went camping out of state I also got to enjoy the northern states lovely lack of driving skills. Dear Wisconsin drivers – please don’t sit in the left lane. It makes me cranky. Especially when you are going 10 miles BELOW the speed limit. There are three lanes, please use them.

8. Still trying to get through The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I should preface that by saying it is not that I don’t like it, I just haven’t had time to read.

9. AND speaking of tattoos – Hubby is getting his today. Right now in fact. Hope he is surviving. He was given the time frame of 4.5 – 5 hours. That’s a lot of ink time!

10. Now off to finish my to-do list to get the boys and I ready for school. Anyone out there know how to change the water filter in your fridge?? Yikes! It has been red for weeks which is why I have been drinking water from the tap. Maybe Hubby will do it when he gets home from getting his tat. Maybe.

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thursday ten – seriously?

August is here and is in full swing. Time to start switching gears from the ‘lazy days of summer‘ to ‘back to school schedules‘.

1. I completed my back-to-school shopping this week for the boys. Thankfully their school supply lists were pretty minimal this year. Thank you classroom teachers!! Can you believe I made it out of Target for under $50? And that included a few beauty items for me. SWEET!

2. Back to school shopping in our house seems to always include new underwear and socks. Somehow my 10 y/o only has five pair of underwear. Where did they all go? He can’t seem to answer that question either. If he were older there would be some serious conversations happening!!!

3. Speaking of underwear, Monkey (my 5 y/o) informed me he wanted boxers now since he was a big boy and going to Kindergarten. Seriously? This is already starting?! I blame his father and older brother cause there is no way this is my fault! sigh

4. Don’t worry, it gets even worse. While doing my monthly huge grocery run Bear (my 10 y/o) informs me he would like special soap to wash his face. And deodorant. Aarrgh! What is happening to my babies??

5. Hubby has finally picked out his next ink job. I have been impatiently waiting since I was told I could not get another one until he got a new one. He is all set to be inked next week! I will post pictures of his new tat next week. Here is a little glimpse:Can’t wait to see it when it is done!

6. Football is in full swing in our house. This year both boys are playing. Bear has had tryouts all week and will hopefully know what team he is on by this weekend. Fingers crossed!

7. After much begging and pleading, I gave in and purchased drum sticks. Monkey boy has been begging to play the drums for a really long time. This desire was further fueled this past weekend when we were at a friend’s house (the husband is a drummer). He gave Monkey a quick lesson on a few of the various drums he had and the passion was ignited. After  a pleading phone call by Monkey to his favorite uncle, the permission was granted. Monkey could play his uncle’s snare drum which is being housed in our basement. To say he is over the moon would be an understatement. He loves it and can actually twirl the stick in his hand. Guess I had better start saving for lessons!

8. Yesterday I got my “Welcome Back” letter from school. I am usually ready to go back by August but this year – not so much. Wonder when Hubby is going to in the lottery so I don’t have to work? Hmmmmm.

9. After much planning (ok, not really) and lots of research (that part is true), we are finally going camping this summer. We at the Lassie House, tend to procrastinate. So when we finally decide, “Hey! Let’s go camping!“, typically all the sites have been reserved. I know, shocking.  But we finally picked a weekend and everyone is excited to go!

10. The official dates for Blissdom 2011 have been posted! Mark your calendars and get ready for a weekend you will NEVER forget! I am already planning and can’t wait to see all my girls pretty faces.

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thursday ten: it’s been one of those weeks

Why yes, it is the lovely time of the week where I try and summarize my amazingly interesting life in ten simple – and numbered – installments. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing though. Hmmmmm. Guess I will let you decide!

1. I am not sure if you heard or not, but Milwaukee had 506 million gallons of sewage overflow. That loveley overflow came out of the sewers and went into the lake, people’s houses and in my case, my car. Hubby came back from a trip to Cali to find a flooded car in the airport parking lot. Mmmmm, nothing like a car full of sewer overflow!

2. On a good note, I am seriously crushing on our insurance adjuster who agreed that the car was unfixable. Thank you adjuster man!! (smooch) Off to the junk yard you go poo car. I mean really, who wants to drive a poo car? Not this lassie that’s for sure!

3. I am now in the midst of shopping for a new car that is not riddled in poo. It has been such a pleasant experience with Hubby. I wish we could do this all. the. time. *ahem*

4. I finished reading The Help. Not that I had a choice since I could not for the life of me put it down. Yesterday I started The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I have been warned it will induce the same response. Anyone available to watch my two boys so I can read? Anyone??

5. Last weekend I was able to complete #48 on my Bucket List while I was in Ohio.  Only 50 more to go! I wonder which one I will conquor next? If I had my way it would be “Learn to surf”!

6. As summer is quickly passing me by, my To-Do List is not.  My goal is to tackle the chaos that is our mudroom this week. The boys, (Hubby included), throw their stuff every where when they get in the house and it is driving me bonkers! I hate that the first thing I see when I walk in the door is a mess.

7. Under the “cuteness” category – Monkey Boy came home from VBS with a blue baby Moses swaddled in brown felt and floating in a cupcake wrapper. Who doesn’t love a bright blue baby Moses?

8. I have been growing out my hair for quite some time now and have finally achieved the Ultimate Goalthe ponytail! Yep, I can finally pull all my hair back in a ponytail which makes it great when I am running or playing soccer. Ok, let’s be honest. It is great when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to do anything with my hair and am tired of wearing baseball caps. There! I said it. Are you happy now?

9. So excited for tomorrow when I get my rock hard hamstrings and IT band worked on. I am hoping she can work some magic so I can actually walk without pain and maybe even be able to touch my toes for once! I was also told it may hurt so much that I will cry. Yikes! Wish me luck!

10. I decided to change my Monday post to coincide with my friend Rachel’s Mouthwatering Mondays. But I will put a unique twist to mine – I am going to post about a new vegan recipe that I have tried every week. And in Rachel’s words, I promise they will be ‘Tonguegasmic‘!

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