Six Word Memoir – La Familia

Back together again, all is good

This week my memoir is doubling as my Summer Fun Photo Challenge. This weeks theme is family. I love mine and after not having Bear home for two weeks, I was uber excited to see his smiling face again, even if he tried to hide in the picture!

So snap of picture of some family fun and join in!!

Six Word Memoir – Not So Itsy Bitsy

WAY too many legs for me!

I am sure I could have gotten a closer and much ‘cooler’ shot of this guy but this was way too close for my comfort!! This lassie is NOT a fan of tarantulas – YUCK!

Six Word Memoir – And He’s Off

He’s on his way to Canada

sassy irish lassie

My heart just broke a little

Today I put Bear on a plane to Canada for two weeks.  He’ll be an exchange student and have the time I his life.  I only cried a little, not wanting to embarrass him. It is the first of many strings that will be cut as he continues to grow into an adult. But every little cut hurts a little more. Who told him he could grow up so darn fast. Sniff sniff

Six Word Memoir – Dreaming Of Waves

Bursting at the seams for freedom.

The countdown for my surfing trip has begun! I truly can’t wait and think about it every day. I have to admit, it may be affecting my productivity just a wee bit. But who could resist thinking of sand, sun and surf all day long?!?

How was your week in six words?

Six Word Memoir – The Possibilities Are Endless

Loves the scent of fresh paper.

Seriously, is there anything better than the crisp new smell of a new journal? This lassie thinks not. A book full of clean pages and fresh starts. The possibilities are truly endless.

What did you do this week in six words?

Six Word Memoir – Open Doors

six word memoirOpen to learning what God wants.

What is your six word memoir for the week? Join in, I would love the company!

Six Word Memoir – Inner Wish

Craving time to imagine and create.

After a lot of soul searching and a lot of prayer, I got the answer I was searching for last week. I am excited about the change and looking forward to what the ‘extra’ time will unveil.

How was your week in six words?

Six Word Memoir – Luck O’ the Irish

Ahhh, St. Patrick’s Day. A huge event in our Irish abode. So for my Six Word Memoir this fin day, I have not one – but two!

These Irish eyes twinkle with mischief.

Looking over a four leaf clover.

Wishing you and your a great St. Patrick’s Day!!

Six Word Memoir – Sun Salutations

Morning sun salutations.
Love feeling sunlight on my face.

Six Word Memoir Saturday – Indecisive

snow covered

Can’t believe the snow is back.

What is your six word memoir for the week?