Photo A Day – Part Duex

I have survived another nine days in the Photo A Day April challenge. Quite happy with myself except for one day that required a sunset and Mother Nature was in a foul mood. Almost two-thirds of the way done with this month. Maybe I just may complete a photo 365. Ahhh, who am I kidding. I am only in week three!

Photo A Day April: Day 10-18
Want to join in this month or for the month of May? Find the photo lists HERE.

Saturday Selfie

Saturday selfie. Look Hubby, it's @f5 approved! Look Hubby, it’s @f5 approved!

the flip side: 3/15

This week I decided to include monkey in my Flip Side experience. I definitely caught him alright! Here he is: Caught In The Act!!

What did you catch yourself doing this week?  Flip, snap and link – It’s that easy! Can’t wait to see how you creatively caught yourself this week.

The Flip Side: 3/8/11

Remember that crazy thing Linda and I started a while back? That ‘thing’ we keep forgetting to do. Sigh, yes, we have been slacking. Well I am back and ready to reignite the Flip Side fire!




Now go forth and self portrait! Remember, it can be anything – a shadow, reflection – the skies the limit. heck! You can even take a picture of you in the sky if you are so inclined. Use you imagination, leave your link in the comment and start flipping!

the flip side: 2/15

Oh Tuesday! Don’t think I forgot about you sitting there all nestled between Monday and Wednesday. Ok, maybe I forgot about you last week… and possibly the week before but I have good excuses. Good I tell you!! Plus, I’m here now, with my Flip Side picture. Just. For. You.

shameless selfieThat’s right. There is nothing a little shameless selfie can’t fix. Which is why Linda and I host The Flip Side every Tuesday. It’s a chance for you to come out from behind the camera and show off a little bit of you. It can be a selfie, a reflection or even a shadow. Let your creativity run wild!

Now go on out there and FLIP out! be sure to leave your Flip Side link in the comments!

the flip side: i am not the kat you are looking for

Hey Tuesday! Yeah, I’m looking at you. Why do you have to feel like such a Monday today. I mean, really, isn’t one Monday a week enough??

Well, one good thing about Tuesday is The Flip Side. Yep, Linney and I like to give everyone the chance to reflect on a different camera view, a different angle, a different perspective. So grab those cameras, flip them around and get flipping!
darth vader, flip side

While in New Hampshire visiting my high school bestie, I got to partake in some hard core Star Wars play. I mean really, who doesn’t want to dress up like Dart Vader?? Well, I kept trying to convince the little Jedi warrior that I was not the Vader he was looking for. He didn’t fall for it. Luckily I am quite up on my Light Saber skills!

What did you catch yourself doing this week? Leave a comment, link up and get flipping!

the flip side: 1/11

Perhaps you have heard of the little thing Linney and I do every week called ‘flipping’. No? Well then, let me tell you! If you are anything like us, you are always the one behind the camera. So we decided to flip the cameras on ourselves. It can be a shadow, reflections, self portrait – you name it – as long as it is you! You can find all the details HERE. Now, let’s get flipping!

CES, elevator, Las VagasWant to know a little secret? I am not a fan of elevators. I tend to do better if I am on them by myself, but jammed full of people – NO WAY!!  On my long journey up, I decided to amuse myself with my camera. You can see I was on my way to the 18th floor.Now that’s an elevator ride!

What did you catch yourself doing this week? Link up, leave a comment and spread the Flip Side love!

the flip side: 1/4

Linney and I are back from a brief break for the holidays. While the hustle and bustle of the holidays had me taking numerous pictures of everyone else, I did take a moment to flip the camera.

don't rain on my day 2

While at the Children’s Museum in Chicago I found this cute little exhibit that makes it look like it is raining on your shadow. The boys loved it AND I got some great shots. There was no way a little rain was going to ruin my fun!

Now, what did YOU catch yourself doing this week?

Flip side: 12/21

Helllllooo Tuesday! You know, the day Linda and I take crazy pictures of ourselves. Don’t worry! We want to include you in on the fun. We want to see your other side. It can be a reflection, a shadow or self portrait. There’s lots of room for creativity. Be sure to grab our button and link up your photo or post so we can see other side!

four eyes

Want to know a secret? I am supposed to wear glasses. ‘Suppose’ being the opperative word. I carry them around in my purse, well, most of the time. I wear them at night when I am driving… sometimes. I always wear them if it is raining and I have to drive at night.

But lately, I’ve begun to notice that things are getting a bit more blurred when I don’t have my glasses on. Things in real life have soft and fuzy lines. Some days I wonder if that is a bad thing. Some days, the blurred visions match the state of my brain.


I guess I really and getting **cough cough** older. When I put them on yesterday because I was driving at night and it was snowing. Bear was quick to point out I had them on. “I know. I can’t see that well at night,” I responded. “Well, I think they make you look very pretty.” Maybe I will be sporting these bad boys more often!

the flip side: 12/14

Why yes, it’s Tuesday! The day  Linda and I show the crazy pictures we take of ourselves. Don’t worry! We want to include you in on the fun. We want to see your other side. It can be a reflection, a shadow or self portrait. There’s lots of room for creativity. Be sure to grab our button and link up your photo or post so we can see other side!

Hi there!

Hi! And welcome to the Flip Side. I see you lurking over there… afraid to jump in. Don’t be afraid. Come on and join us!


We are smiley friendly people around these parts. We would love for you to join in our weekly little jaunt down self portrait lane. We promise, we won’t judge. Nothing but love here!

Don't feed the animals!

As long as you don’t judge US in our natural surroundings!! We can be a wee bit crazy sometimes.

What did you catch yourself doing this week? Upload it and join us!!