Seeking Clarity


Enlightened to change

To view life differently

Alter perspectives

To seek the unknown

Search deep within my soul to

Beautifully transform


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Thrill Seeker

Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek and you shall find…

A new year is always full of new beginnings, endless possibilities and the sense that we can ultimately, once again, start anew. It is a refreshing, yet daunting feeling, especially if you were less than satisfied with the previous year.

As a way to focus myself, since I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, I choose a word for the year. It is not a new thing and I have done it for the past two years. In fact, it has become a sort of cult. Ok, maybe not that extreme but that makes you want to join in doesn’t it?

So as I pondered my word from last year, thinking about how I used it to change me, I wondered where I should go with this new word. I have spent a lot of time pondering, gnawing it over, listening, but most of all – waiting. Waiting for when I got ‘that‘ feeling that THIS is what I need to work on, this is where I need to focus. And then it hit me, like it has every time before… BAM!


It’s definitions scream to me:

  • to go in search or quest of: to seek the truth.
  • to try to find or discover by searching or questioning.
  • to try to obtain.
  • to try or attempt.
  • to go to: to seek a place to rest.
  • to ask for; request.
  • to explore.

What will I find if I truly seek what is out there for me. While the thought is frightening (what if I don’t like what I find), it also invigorates me. So with that, my journey has begun. I have no idea where this word journey will take me this year but here’s hoping for a wild ride!