Stolen Silence

walking away

 No more words are left

After you turned and walked away

Leaving me alone

Unperceivabley Seen


Longing for beauty

To fit society’s norms

To be accepted

Never included

Always watching from afar

Secretly wishing

Far from a size two

No matter how much she starved

With little success

Hair is too frizzy

Atop her face that’s too round

And nose that’s too long

Silently passing

Begging for them to notice

To be thought pretty

But no one looked up

A silent wind passing by

Openly hidden

Town apart inside

Her heart aches for their friendship

No matter how fake.



mirror imagesBursting at the seams

Filled with love and excitement

Too hard to contain.

Most can’t comprehend

The magnitude of Blissdom’s

Unfathomable joy.

Ready to be embraced

By my internet soul sisters

Let’s get our BLISS on!!


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Photo courtesy of the uber amazing Rachel. I could seriously squeeze the HECK out of everyone in that photo!!!

Why I Write


I often get asked why I write? Mostly by my boys, but I have been asked by others as well. With BlissDom around the corner (insert loud squee here) my writing heart strings are pulled tight. I can’t wait to surround myself with those who also hunger for words. Those, that if denied a chance to share the words tumbling around in their head would probably spontaneously combust. Google it – it happens.

For me, writing is a gateway to peace. A way for me to organize the creative life that lives within me. Nothing brings me more happiness than a new journal. Ok, maybe that first sip of coffee every morning is first but a new journal is a close second! The clean crisp pages beg to be filled, they long for words and verses and stories. It longs to be worn around the edges, the corners bent, the ribbon frayed. I carry journals with me everywhere and will often choose the physical act of writing over typing.

Writing gives me a place to escape, to verbalize my pain, bare my soul and create lives and stories for the imaginary people running around in my head. Writing allows me to breathe.

I would love to hear why you write, what scares you about writing and what is one thing you want to tackle with your writing. Always remember the words of Holly Gerth: “Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.”

You will be amazed at what comes from stepping out of your comfort zone!

Esquisite Facination

riverwalkIn beauty I walk

Along the rivers edge

Embracing its flow

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fearlessSearching the mirror
For the truth that lies within
Pushing pain aside

Reveling in me
The pieces that make me whole
So wonderfully made

Forging through the past
They can’t hurt me anymore
I’ve conquered my fears

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Seeking Clarity


Enlightened to change

To view life differently

Alter perspectives

To seek the unknown

Search deep within my soul to

Beautifully transform


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Brain on overload

No time for pen and paper

This is all you get

A Poem of a Lassie

Most friends call me Kat

The others call me Momma

Some don’t even call.

Wife, mother, sister

Maid, writer, confidant, friend

Short order cook too.

I’m the only girl

In a house loaded with boys

I am out numbered.

I like many things

Soccer, wine and chocolate

Don’t forget coffee!!

Sand between my toes

The colors of a sunrise

Smelling burning leaves.

Holding Hubby’s hand

A piece of cheesy pizza

Spring rain, a clean house.

I don’t like spiders

Ironing, clowns and onions

Heights and loud talkers.

Doing dishes – yuck!

Conform to society?

Not this sweet Lassie!

I can’t touch my toes

Can touch my nose with my tongue

Can’t sing worth a darn.

So now you can say

This Momma Lassie you know

For better or worse.

Forever Searching

A lost little girl

Looks up with huge vacant eyes

Searching for answers