Photo A Day September: Days 1 – 9

Day 1:  Now  Day  2: Dad   Day 3: Far away
Day 4: Mailbox  Day 5: Bright   Day 6: Every day
Day 7: Natural   Day 8: At night   Day 9: Something you do most weekends

Photo A Day August: Days 1 – 9

1. outside   2. one   3. coins
4. where you sat   5. logo   6. writing
7. 8 o’clock   8. glasses   9. messy

Photo A Day July: Days 10 – 18

10. Favorite color 11. Letter 12. Texture
13. Open 14. Building 15. Finger
16. Sign 17. Your addiction 18. Plate

Six Word Memoir – La Familia

Back together again, all is good

This week my memoir is doubling as my Summer Fun Photo Challenge. This weeks theme is family. I love mine and after not having Bear home for two weeks, I was uber excited to see his smiling face again, even if he tried to hide in the picture!

So snap of picture of some family fun and join in!!

Photo A Day July: Days 1-9

Photo A Day July - Days 1-9

1. self portrait 2. busy 3. best part of your day

4. fun 5. on the floor 6. chair

7. garden 8. lunch 9. big

Six Word Memoir – Not So Itsy Bitsy

WAY too many legs for me!

I am sure I could have gotten a closer and much ‘cooler’ shot of this guy but this was way too close for my comfort!! This lassie is NOT a fan of tarantulas – YUCK!

Summer Fun Photo Challenge – Light

I love the reflection of morning sunlight! Perfect for this week’s Summer Fun Photo Challenge – Light. What light did you capture this week? Click, post and join along!

Two By Two

The power of two. Such a strong connotation attached to such a small number. Yet with two, so many thing are possible. Sure, would you rather be chased by two bears or 16? While my gut instinct would be to pick none, I would  much rather try and outrun two than 16. (just sayin)

But two also provides some amazing possibilities.

Marriage. Basic I know, but marriage requires two. Less than that and it never works. Two people madly in love, best friends wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of their life together – that is marriage.

Kids. I got two of them. Two amazing boys that are truly a blessing from God. I am thankful for them every day – even when they are bickering, fighting and leaving their dirty socks all over the house.  Ok, maybe not then, but I do love them lots!

Photo courtesy of Mishelle Lane

Partners in Crime. You know them. Friends who would help you move a body. Friends who you can laugh with till your sides ache with pain. Friends who you can attack with a Buddha statue and they still love you the next day. Not that I would ever attack a friend with a Buddha statue!

Feet. They take you where you want to go. I love the fact that mine allow me to run, wear killer heels, adorn its nails with crazy nail polish and kick a soccer ball. I have a particularly fond attraction to mine. They are cute. Nuff said.

What does the number two mean to you?

This post is in response to Bigger Picture’s prompt: The number 2. WHAT inspires YOU about the number 2? Gained knowledge? Gained community? Gained friendships? One is a lonely number, but you add one more- It is a gift.

Summer Fun Photo Challenge – Technology

sassy irish lassieWelcome back to another addition of Blissfully Domestic‘s Summer Fun Photo Challenge! This week we are exploring technology. Sweet!  Who doesn’t love a little technology?

This lassie, while quite smitten with her techy toys, does still crave the good ole pen and paper to write.

What technology can you not live without?? Snap a picture of it and join in the fun!

Summer Fun Photo Challenge – Water

sassy irish lassieLooking for a fun summer photo challenge this summer? Then head on over to Blissfully Domestic and join our Summer Fun Photo Challenge. Every week you get a different theme and then on Friday you post your results. Easy enough right?

Here is a quick run down of the themes just to tempt you!

  • June 15, Week 1 = Water
  • June 22, Week 2 = Technology
  • June 29, Week 3 = Fun/Playtime
  • July 6, Week 4 = Light
  • July 13, Week 5 = Family/Home
  • July 20, Week 6 = Money
  • July 27, Week 7 = Travel
  • August 3, Week 8 = Friendship/Love
  • August 10, Week 9 = Food
  • August 17, Week 10 = Learning

So grab your cameras, start snapping and link up for some Friday fun!