My View Monday – Grace Under Fire

I have been contemplating new ink for quite some time. I knew what and where I wanted it, but just needed to sit and ponder to make sure. And while I loved the idea, Hubby was not overly keen on the placement thus, more pondering.

Then, through the eye crack that is Pinterest, I found what I really longed for – white ink. Subtle yet there. Hubby loves it! Maybe even some day I’ll share the story.

A BIG thanks to Matt for the title of my post. If you love wine, heck, even if you just remotely like it – he’s the guy for you!

So what did YOU view this Monday??

My View Monday – Shut The Front Door!!

Now, if I was being truly honest, I would post a video of my intensely crazed reaction to reading THISAhhhhhh!!! I could also post a picture of my ‘post-hysterical sob fest face‘, which by the way, was less than pretty. Perhaps a recording of the high pitched squealing phone call to Hubby, where I might have said I was SO frickin’ excited I wanted to run down the street naked. (SO not lying) I was then quickly reminded I was on speaker and Bear was in the car. Sorry Bear for that scary visual.

But instead, I will share this:

surf, los olas, todays mama, bucket listSurf up and this Lassie is ready though I am hoping I won’t need to pull out the Bubble Gum wax – brrrrr.

Still can’t believe I am going HERE!! What did you view this Monday?

My View Monday – This Little Piggie….

broken toe ….. is broken.

Ahh, yes. Life with boys is bound to bring about a few bumps and bruises. This weekend it brought about a broken pinkie toe for Monkey. He is handling it well but will make the situation work for him when he can. Imagine, “Carry me Momma“, in the most pathetic voice ever and with doe eyes the size of saucers. Yeah, he likes to milk it.

Now the process of waiting for it to heal begins. Wonder how long that will take with one overly mobile 6 year old? Let the bets begin!

What did you view this Monday?

My View Monday – Playing With The Animals

my view mondayNo school, Indian Summer temps in the 80’s and Grandma is here for a visit – let’s go to the zoo! Being newer to this area, we had yet to visit our local zoo. And truly, we could not have asked for a better day. The boys were in heaven amongst their favorite animals and I was just happy to be out in the fresh air.

The zoo is huge and though we didn’t see all the animals, we now have an excuse to go back – hopefully soon!

What did you view this glorious Monday?


My View Monday – Warm Food, Warm Soul

Ahhh, fall. My favorite time of year; cooler temps, sunny autumn days, changing leaves and weekends full of football. Of course, as the weather cools down my desire to cook heats up. man do I love warm comfort food! I truly believe a warm and full belly makes for a warm and full heart. Sappy, I know.

favorite irish recipesMmmmmm, all the fixings for cheddar scones and Shepherds Pie. While I have tried various recipes, Jody’s, from her new cookbook Favorite Irish Recipes, is our new family favorite. Tonight I am pairing it with cheddar scones. The easiest way to describe these beauties is tongasmic! But if you make them – BEWARE! Your family will fight over them. So try not to get caught eating the last one with your morning cup of java – not that I would know anything about that! And don’t even get me started on what happens when I make her brown bread – NOM!!

What did you view today?

My View Monday: Mr. Bubbles

beta fishAllow me to introduce you to Mr. Bubbles, Bubbles for short. He is my new office companion and confidant. In an attempt to keep my spirits up at work I decided a speechless friend was necessary. At least I can guarantee this friend won’t stab me in the back…. or will he? I guess I will have to keep Mr. Bubbles on a short leash for now. Good thing Bear is in the background keeping a watchful eye on him!

What did you view this Monday? Link up in the comments and let me know!

My View Monday: Swoonworthy

sassy irish lassieJust as we were about to head out to the bus today Monkey stopped me, “Momma! You need a star stamp so you can have a good day at work”.

“Thank you Monkey! Did you give yourself one so you could have a good day too?”

“Well yeah!”

Sigh….. these moments melt my heart. And today, every time I looked at my hand – I smiled. Thank you Monkey!


My View Mondays – Hammocking

utila, hammocking While I would love to say this is my view right now, it is not. (insert big sad Lassie face here) It was however, my view two weeks ago and I am desperately missing it. Did you know that ‘hammocking’ is a national past time in Utila? Oh, it is. Don’t worry, I made sure I made time to enjoy it. Who could pass up trying a national past time?

Utila, hammocks, hammockingI wonder if I can get ‘hammocking’ to take off in the states? Hmmmm…

What did you view today?

My View Mondays: Seeing Straight

 After much deliberation, research and envious stares, I decided to finally take the plunge. Today, I  got my hair straightened. While I did contemplate the Brazilian Blowout, I opted instead for the Keratin Therapy Blowout. And let me tell you – I am in love! I have never been able to get my hair to look so soft and smooth. Smooth people! No frizz, no crazy fly-aways, because let’s be honest, there were always fly-aways.

Now I just need to decide what I am going to do with all that extra time in the mornings. Aaaah, who am I kidding. I’m going to sleep in!

What did you view this Monday?

my view monday – fancy some football?

youth football Well, it’s Monday and the first day of August which in my house means – football! This year, both boys will be gearing up for football. No more flag for Monkey! This also means that this is what I will view every day when I walk in the house. I am also being polite when I use the word ‘view‘, cause the smell that comes with two boys, fully padded playing football is most days, a bit too much to stomach.

What did you view on this glorious Monday?