So Much To Be Thankful For

This lassie has much to be thankful for and I am grateful for the abundance of blessings God has provided me. Most of all, this car full of chaos!

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hold On to Your Rabbit’s Foot – We’re Cerlebrating 13!

Once upon a time there was a girl, let’s call her lassie

She was dreaming of a lad who could be a bit sassy

She always drifted towards those spunky wild ones

For they of course, knew how to have the most fun!

And then one day HE came into her sight

This skater punk surfer suited her just right

He told her “The seat to the left is for you”

And from that night their true love grew

They went to their homeland once they were married

And over the threshold he graciously carried

Soon they doubled their numbers and doubled the love

Each little lad was truly, a blessing from above

They have seized the ups, they have tackled the downs

They have mastered the giggles and conquered the frowns

They fill their house with love and joy

For that is the life when you live life with boys!

And while some say the luck of thirteen is not good

I’ll grab my rabbit’s foot and knock on wood.

Happy thirteenth anniversary to my best friend and partner in crime. I am forever grateful for your love and friendship and ability to tolerate all the craziness that embodies me. I love you WAMHAS!!

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

In honor of Hubby’s and my anniversary I am posting one of my favorite songs. It makes me cry every time. Oh alright, I know I cry at everything but still! There’s some sentiment here. And while it is not your typical sappy love song, it embraces the depth of my love.

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

happy anniversary coach

Sometimes when you least expect it, life throws you a curve ball. That curve ball comes flying out of left field like a rocket and  next thing you know – BAM – it beans you right in the noggin. Now, you saw that ball coming right at you but you were absolutely positive it was not going to hit you. So positive that you stood there staring at it – daring it to smack you upside the head. And smack you upside the head it did!

Thirteen years ago I watched life throw that curve ball and I stood there, daring it to hit me. It hit me so hard, I saw stars. Stars that I tried to brush off. Stars that I was convinced were not and could not really be there. And when my head stopped throbbing and the stars finally started to fade, I was left standing face to face, with my Hubby.

He was not what I expected and not what I was looking for. Heck – I wasn’t even looking – till of course he looked at me. I can say the same was true for Hubby – till I looked at him. Now I am not going to sit here and spout a bunch of mushy nonsense about love at first sight, but ask either of us what we were wearing and we can tell you – down to the detail. I am a strong believer in fate and God’s will. I also strongly believe that both of those forces were at work that day. Both of those forces have given us 11 amazing years as husband and wife, two beautiful sons and blessings we can’t even begin to count or fathom. And while we both wish certain things were different, we wouldn’t change anything about our life. We accept each other’s baggage, built a sturdy shelf for it in the basement and move on. We stand together to conquer all that life throws at us, and so far, we are kicking butt and taking names. So to my counterpart in crime, Happy Anniversary! I can’t even begin to imagine what the next 11 years has in store for us!

Thursday Ten – Shark Week

This is my last Thursday home before going back to work next week. I am not happy about it. I, like my friend Sarah, would like to move to Australia. Where there are sharks. And cute koalas. And I can be snarky. But just to the sharks cause like I said, koalas are cute and can always make me smile. Not like sharks. But I digress….

1. If you have read up on the Thursday Ten cult (ok, there are just three of us but still), you would also see that we are all PMSing (the joys of being friends) and it has not been pretty. At all. So just throw some chocolate our way and run. It’s safer that way.

2. Which leads me to my next issue. What on earth am I supposed to snarf down to appease my inner anger as a vegan?? Chocolate – has dairy and sugar. Ice cream – dairy, sugar and I am lactose intolerant. Grapes – well now, that is just mean. What happiness can I possibly derive from grapes?! What?? Sour fermented grapes! Now you are talking!!

3.The boys created a new game today. There is no official name, they just sit there punching each other in their privates till one of them cries. Uh, yeah, I know. Why do boys think up these crazy things? Can’t they use their minds for the greater good?! Well, now they are. While they are cleaning their toyroom. Together. In silence.

4. Since the new school year is quickly approaching, the boys and I have been ‘doctoring’ all week. Yep, this week we hit the dentist, the pediatrician and the opthamologist. Throw in a haircut for me tomorrow and we are all ready to go back to school. Physically maybe, mentally – totally questionable.

5. Speaking of getting ready for school – Monkey boy starts Kindergarten this year. He is mostly somewhat ready. One way I have been trying to get him even more ready is with my Grasshopper Prep Kit. I really like it and have been pleased with his progress. I wonder is she makes a kit for listening??

6. This past weekend the family and I took our annual camping trip. We tried somewhere new and loved it. Except for the overly ferocious mosquitoes that had us running to Wally World looking for solace. Thankfully Hubby came out wielding enough Deet to send every mosquitoes in the country running. Except for the ones on our camp site who still felt the need to try and get as close to sucking our blood as they could. The were even dive bombing into our car windows. Guess those were some hungry (or PMSing) mommas!

7. And sine we went camping out of state I also got to enjoy the northern states lovely lack of driving skills. Dear Wisconsin drivers – please don’t sit in the left lane. It makes me cranky. Especially when you are going 10 miles BELOW the speed limit. There are three lanes, please use them.

8. Still trying to get through The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I should preface that by saying it is not that I don’t like it, I just haven’t had time to read.

9. AND speaking of tattoos – Hubby is getting his today. Right now in fact. Hope he is surviving. He was given the time frame of 4.5 – 5 hours. That’s a lot of ink time!

10. Now off to finish my to-do list to get the boys and I ready for school. Anyone out there know how to change the water filter in your fridge?? Yikes! It has been red for weeks which is why I have been drinking water from the tap. Maybe Hubby will do it when he gets home from getting his tat. Maybe.

Don’t forget to check out the other Thursday Ten chicks, Sarah and Malia. By the way, they both like chocolate too!

i believe in time

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

I have been watching this series unfold the past month when I originally read one of  my friend’s responses. I have thought of the topics again and again yet, I still found some excuse to not write. My biggest excuse – no time. Funny how often we use that excuse. It covers so many bases – no time to read, no time to play, no time for friends, no time for love, no time to live.

I have lived much of my life avoiding time. I procrastinate, I dawdle, I get lost in myself and then I run around trying to cram everything in. It can cause chaos. It causes me stress. Now, I do try and strategize – I have day planners, wall calendars, post-it notes, notes written on my hands (in our house this is called the irish palm pilot). I have learned from my struggles as well as my mistakes. I find solace in routines, I like to know what is expected. But time is not always what we expect. We don’t expect death, we don’t expect the car to flood, we don’t expect extra financial burdens based on the greed of others.

Though, through my life’s trials and tribulations I have learned a lot of good things about time as well. Time heals, time encourages growth, time strengthens love, time builds friendships, time allows a bottle of wine to breath, time allows for spontaneity, time allows reflection, time allows for change. Time also creates laughlines, my children to grow too big for my lap, my wedding ring to be scuffed and loved, my family to be happy and complete. What does time give you?

thursday ten: it’s been one of those weeks

Why yes, it is the lovely time of the week where I try and summarize my amazingly interesting life in ten simple – and numbered – installments. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing though. Hmmmmm. Guess I will let you decide!

1. I am not sure if you heard or not, but Milwaukee had 506 million gallons of sewage overflow. That loveley overflow came out of the sewers and went into the lake, people’s houses and in my case, my car. Hubby came back from a trip to Cali to find a flooded car in the airport parking lot. Mmmmm, nothing like a car full of sewer overflow!

2. On a good note, I am seriously crushing on our insurance adjuster who agreed that the car was unfixable. Thank you adjuster man!! (smooch) Off to the junk yard you go poo car. I mean really, who wants to drive a poo car? Not this lassie that’s for sure!

3. I am now in the midst of shopping for a new car that is not riddled in poo. It has been such a pleasant experience with Hubby. I wish we could do this all. the. time. *ahem*

4. I finished reading The Help. Not that I had a choice since I could not for the life of me put it down. Yesterday I started The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I have been warned it will induce the same response. Anyone available to watch my two boys so I can read? Anyone??

5. Last weekend I was able to complete #48 on my Bucket List while I was in Ohio.  Only 50 more to go! I wonder which one I will conquor next? If I had my way it would be “Learn to surf”!

6. As summer is quickly passing me by, my To-Do List is not.  My goal is to tackle the chaos that is our mudroom this week. The boys, (Hubby included), throw their stuff every where when they get in the house and it is driving me bonkers! I hate that the first thing I see when I walk in the door is a mess.

7. Under the “cuteness” category – Monkey Boy came home from VBS with a blue baby Moses swaddled in brown felt and floating in a cupcake wrapper. Who doesn’t love a bright blue baby Moses?

8. I have been growing out my hair for quite some time now and have finally achieved the Ultimate Goalthe ponytail! Yep, I can finally pull all my hair back in a ponytail which makes it great when I am running or playing soccer. Ok, let’s be honest. It is great when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to do anything with my hair and am tired of wearing baseball caps. There! I said it. Are you happy now?

9. So excited for tomorrow when I get my rock hard hamstrings and IT band worked on. I am hoping she can work some magic so I can actually walk without pain and maybe even be able to touch my toes for once! I was also told it may hurt so much that I will cry. Yikes! Wish me luck!

10. I decided to change my Monday post to coincide with my friend Rachel’s Mouthwatering Mondays. But I will put a unique twist to mine – I am going to post about a new vegan recipe that I have tried every week. And in Rachel’s words, I promise they will be ‘Tonguegasmic‘!

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haiku friday

It’s the little things

That make my heart skip

Thumping in my chest

Little hidden notes

Cards when you are out of town

Sweet dream texts at night.

You never forget

The things important to me

You always make time.

I hope that you know

I appreciate your love

Oh Hubby of mine

Not a day goes by

That I don’t smile to myself

I’m the lucky one.