mirror imagesBursting at the seams

Filled with love and excitement

Too hard to contain.

Most can’t comprehend

The magnitude of Blissdom’s

Unfathomable joy.

Ready to be embraced

By my internet soul sisters

Let’s get our BLISS on!!


Haiku-FridayBe sure to head over to Lou‘s to read what everyone else is haikuing about this week.

Photo courtesy of the uber amazing Rachel. I could seriously squeeze the HECK out of everyone in that photo!!!

Friday Haiku – Slumber

friday haiku - slumber
My lids grow heavy
Seeking solace in the dark
Another long day.

Ready to escape
To the warmth of flannel sheets
And the land of dreams.

Slowly drifting off
My body begins to float
Entrapped in slumber.

Be sure to head over to Lou’s to read what everyone else is haikuing about this week.

friday haiku – broken

haiku, friday haiku
Instantly shatters

As its pieces scatter round

Shards are everywhere

Who will pick them up

When the glass can cut so deep

Leaving only pain

haiku friday – gracious garden

Tiny little drops

Slowly trickle down my back

As the sun beats down

Up in the distance

I see the flowers blooming

Hard work at its best

haiku friday – caged

Feeling pushed and pulled

In every which direction

Just want to break loose


Can’t stand to be still

Feeling tehtered to the ground

These wings need some air


Creative juices

Can give me an instant high

And set my soul free

haiku friday – for the love of the game

Size doesn’t matter

In the heart of an athlete

When the game is on


No time for the weak

Only a love for the game

His passion runs deep


His spirit is set free

Filled with such intensity

He just wants to play

haiku friday – racing

haiku fridayAnticipation

My heart begins to flutter

Tightness in my chest


I’m gasping for air

As my palms begin to sweat

Dizziness sets in


An echoing gun

Signals the start of the race

My body lurches


My feet start to run

Pure adrenaline rushing

There’s no turning back

friday haiku – leap of faith

My palms are sweating

Looking down in the trenches

Will I take the jump?


Unsure about change

Uncertainty is lurking

Afraid of failure


Yearning for new light

To turn over a new leaf

To let my light shine


I creep to the edge

And take one final look down

Spread my wings and soar

haiku friday – meet lola

When you least expect

An act of random kindness

Will bless your doorstep.

A genuine act

With nothing asked in return

From one pure of heart.

So now I must share

Generously give a gift

To pay it forward.

A Shoot Sac I own

Not even once has been used

It needs a new home.

No strings attached

Perfect for a photo buff

A gift from the heart.

But make one promise

You’ll continue the cycle

Return the good deed.

Cause one thing I know

Everyone needs some kindness

It’s good for the soul.