Get Up, Get Out, Get Active

As a Mom of boys, and as an athlete myself, I know how important it is to get kids outside and active. I started team sports at a very young age and continued playing through college and still play now! The camaraderie, competition and exercise is great for the mind and body. So when my boys approached me about playing sports I responded with a loud and definite YES!

My boys are avid football and lacrosse players. Our weeks are full of practices and our weekends are full of games and tournaments. You know that uber loud obnoxious cheering Mom at the games? Yeah, that’s me. There is something about sports that sucks me in and gets my adrenaline pumping. What better way to encourage and motivate your child in a sport, right? Even more important is the fact that they love doing it and are building healthy lifestyle choices in the process.

The Chicago Bears are strong believers that children should be fit and active. That kids get off those couches and go outside! Their youth camps help children push beyond their comfort zone, learn new skills and acquire a life long love of being active. The Chicago Bears Youth Camp believes with patience and encouragement, kids gain confidence.

Kids love learning new skills and are always excited to succeed. Tom Finks, Executive Director of Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps, states, “At our camps, through fun skill challenges, fun competitions and fun games, kids exert themselves—often beyond their normal comfort level.”

The Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps are safe, non-contact instruction for kids ages 6-14 and are very suitable for any kid that just wants to learn the game. They provide a station-based training format that allows campers to be divided by age and experience level so each receives the right level of instruction and support. Kids will learn to run, throw, catch, defend, form block, form tackle and explode out of their stance with proper technique and improved speed. The camps, which each run for 5 days from 9am to 3pm (that’s 30 hours active learning, instruction and fun!), do more than just introduce kids to sports, they make kids passionate about being healthy and help develop a lifelong love of fitness. Camps are held at various Chicagoland locations.

Want a chance to give your a Chicago Bears football camp prize pack? It’s easy!  Leave a comment about your, or your child’s,  favorite sport to play and your email and you are entered. Want a second chance? Tweet this giveaway and leave the URL in the comment section. An example tweet could be:

My child wants to go to the Chicago Bears Football Camp! #eatlikeabear

The winner will receive a Chicago Bears Youth Football Camps prize package that will include items such as: Small leather binder, Bears rally towel, water bottle, Play 60 drawstring bag, D.J. Moore fan face, Bears gloves and football cards. One winner will be randomly chosen June 1st.

Good luck! Now go outside and play!!

my view monday – fancy some football?

youth football Well, it’s Monday and the first day of August which in my house means – football! This year, both boys will be gearing up for football. No more flag for Monkey! This also means that this is what I will view every day when I walk in the house. I am also being polite when I use the word ‘view‘, cause the smell that comes with two boys, fully padded playing football is most days, a bit too much to stomach.

What did you view on this glorious Monday?

capital one mascot challenge update

Brutus the buckeye, ohio state Well, we are wrapping up the 12th week of the Capital One Mascot Challenge. Brutus, my beloved buckeye, is placed 5th which will guarantee him a spot in the playoffs. This week Brutus is up against The Duck from Oregon, who is in fourth. I have a feeling that The Duck will get thrown down a notch or two after this weeks battle.  Buckeye fans have been loyal, and as of this morning, Brutus has a strong lead. NOW, that does not mean slack off and stop voting. You saw what happened when we did that against Cincinatti… sigh.  They blindsided us at the tail end. Darn Bearcat!

Next week begins the payoff series. We Buckeyes still have a chance to pull off a win and send Brutus to the Capital One Bowl.  I am sure once the cold Ohio winter starts to set in, Brutus will be craving a little warmth and sunshine. So let’s vote Brutus to the top! Voting is easy. You can either vote online or text “Brutus” to 69866.  Texting is fast, fun and easy. Remember – You can text up to 250 times and hour! That is a lot of buckeye love my friends, a lot of buckeye love. Duck anyone??

Capital One Mascot Challenge – Go Brutus!

As you all know, I am the official blogger for the Ohio State Buckeyes for Capital Ones Mascot Challenge. Brutus, well…. he has had a tough few weeks – both on and off the field. I am not even going to get in to the double loss he suffered last week because I am still trying to process it all. Let’s just say in this lassie’s house – it was not pretty. Did I mention I married an over grown rabid rat badger fan?? Yeah, I did. Don’t ask. His cuteness wooed me, that is all I can say.

Well this week Brutus is up against Mr. C from Vanderbilt. I will take this moment to say, Mr C, you are going DOWN!  Brutus is in need of a come back weekend. GO! Vote him to victory!!

I would also like to remind you that the Buckeye Nation has formed an alliance with Joe Vandal from Idaho. The Buckeye Nation is all about taking down UTEP this week and giving Joe Vandal ALL the vote we can. Come on Bucks – it is time for UTEP to be handed a loss.

Now, get on out there and VOTE! Heck, you can even text BRUTUS and JOEVANDAL to 69866. Did you know you can vote up to 250 times per hour?? That is a lot of Buckeye and Vandal love my friends. And who couldn’t use some extra love??

Capital One Mascot Challenge – What is a Buckeye

Now go on and VOTE FOR BRUTUS!!