Not Dreading This Bucket List Item

sassy irish lassieAnd this little dread went to market. And this little dread stayed home. This little dread said “Another one checked off my bucket list!!” What?! Your dreads don’t talk to you??

It has been a few months of check marks for this lassie. Last month I learned to surf (squeee) and this month I finally sucked up my fear and got dreads. My 7 y/o first response? “WOW Momma!!  You look so different but WAY more beautiful!” And for that I gave him an ice cream cone. Hey, this Momma is not beyond bribery for compliments, though I know my little monkey meant it with the most sincerity.

Hubby on the other hand is beyond smitten with it. He keeps asking me why I didn’t do it years ago. Secretly, I am asking myself the same question.

So now I am just waiting the mandatory period for them to get settled. Did I mention that I hate waiting. Yeah, I do. Wonder what number I will cross off next. Any suggestions??

Soul Meets Body

wave watching
The water ebbs and flows in a soulful pattern as old as time. The horizon is full of possibilities. Just what will Mother Nature share with me today?

I am drawn to the sun’s glinting sparks reflecting in the oceans beauty. Their mesmerizing effects tempt me but my focus remains strong. I can see her building in the distance. As she approaches my suspicions are confirmed. I quickly paddle, pouring my heart into every stroke. The slight rise at my feet tells me it’s time.

An invigorating force rushes over me as I embrace the wave and ride to shore.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, only using 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Invigorating‘.

an inner glimpse and a complex girl

  I wear my heart on my sleeve. You can see it from miles away. I hate things or people touching my neck and face. I love the smell of bleach. I long for dreadlocks and have a love hate relationship with my curly hair. I long for freedom yet love being tied down. I am a lover of words yet avoid verbal confrontations. The ocean is my second home, its pull on me is magnetic. I am a die hard romantic, almost to a fault. I am a fierce friend and my boys biggest fan. I love my long legs but wish I was an inch or two shorter. I believe God teaches us through our mistakes and loves us for our faults. I would eat pizza every day if given the chance. I hate wearing shoes but love a great pair of heels. I strive to be nice even when it bites me in the butt, which it has – many, many times. I love folding laundry and listening to the wind. I lack common sense, to a painful fault and was kind enough to pass this trait to my eldest son. (Sorry Bear) This is me.

As I left for my trip to Mexico to learn to surf, I knew all these things about me. I live them daily and own them, as they are what makes me, me.  But I never realized their true importance till I stood up on that board – me versus Mother Nature. Me doing something I have yearned to do for years. Me doing something for myself. Me believeing I had what it takes and embracing all the experience presented.

Coming home has been a bit of a challenge. I have been bombarded with emotions, realizations and introspection. While on the inside my mind is tumbling, my outside portrays only peace and as many people have told me – bliss. And its true. I am blissful, reflecting on who I am as a person and embracing it. Finally blocking out all the Mc Nasties who’s only joy is trying to tear me down. Well, I have news for you – you can’t – cause this is who I am and I like me. I will forever be the one you are jealous of, have the life you wish you had and be eternally happy with whatever life throws my way. And while you are rocking your granny sweaters with matching socks…. I will be rocking these. Except of course when I’m rockin my flip flops!

I wont believe your evil gossip, nor tolerate your snarky stares. You can’t convince me otherwise. Because that girl smiling above – she rocks my world. And I plan on keeping her around.

It’s All About Me

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to check off another thing from my bucket list. Curious what I crossed off this time? Well, this lassie can officially check of #54 from her list. Yeah!

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to visit New York for my very own personal make over and photo shoot. And let me just say, it was as awesome as it sounds.  The wonderful people of PaloVia treated us like super stars. We had a scrumptious dinner at The House and had the pleasure of sitting next to Tim Tebow.  Did I mention he bought us drinks. Oh, he did and my boys are beyond jealous! Foxy bingo? Yep, it was in New York too.

I also had the opportunity to meet some amazing women from around the country. It was great to extend my circle of ‘In Real Life’ blogging friends and watch everyone transform from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous! I will add that it didn’t take much work for these women – they were beautiful on the inside and out!

Then it was a day of beautifying, hair and make-up. Here I am mid-process:

Curious what the end product looked like? Well, you are just going to have to tune in to see the final result.  They were quite stunning if I do say so myself. As soon as I have those fabulous pictures in my hand you will be the first to see. Well, actually the second – after me of course!

Next stop on my Bucket List Trail? Crossing out #9 in T-minus 17 days. Who wants to catch a wave with me??

Photo A Day

I have tried to do a 365 photo challenge for years. Yes, you read that right… years. I, like many others I assume, start off really well and the BAM! Life takes over and I forget for a few days (or weeks) or don’t know what to take a picture of and then next thing you the whole process is down the drain. Well, I decided to take a different approach and do a photo a day challenge. With the Photo A Day you are given a prompt as to WHAT to take a picture of. Takes all the guess work out of it and makes you think creatively out of the box for that day.

Curious what I have been doing the first nine days pf the challenge?  Feast your eyes on these.

Photo a Day April 1-9

Want to join in this month or for the month of May? Find the photo lists HERE.

Biting the Dust Irish Style

This past Saturday I put another line through one of the items on my Bucket List. Number 4 to be exact. Yes, this weekend I was in a parade. Of course, if this lassie is going to be in a parade, it had better be a St. Patrick’s Day parade!

I could not have asked for a more beautiful day to complete one of my Bucket List items.  The skies were blue and the weather was amazing. Ok, it was actually really hot. March in Chicago – who knew?! But I did get to ride atop a float and throw candy to the spectators which was shockingly really fun.

So now that I have officially checked that item off my list I am looking forward to my next adventure. Did I mention that adventure is less than two months away?? Squeee! Can. Not. Wait. Sun + surf + sand = Bucket List Item #9!

My View Monday – Shut The Front Door!!

Now, if I was being truly honest, I would post a video of my intensely crazed reaction to reading THISAhhhhhh!!! I could also post a picture of my ‘post-hysterical sob fest face‘, which by the way, was less than pretty. Perhaps a recording of the high pitched squealing phone call to Hubby, where I might have said I was SO frickin’ excited I wanted to run down the street naked. (SO not lying) I was then quickly reminded I was on speaker and Bear was in the car. Sorry Bear for that scary visual.

But instead, I will share this:

surf, los olas, todays mama, bucket listSurf up and this Lassie is ready though I am hoping I won’t need to pull out the Bubble Gum wax – brrrrr.

Still can’t believe I am going HERE!! What did you view this Monday?

Making My List And Checking It Twice

The glorious gals at Todays Mama have teamed up with Just Ask to host a giveaway of a lifetime. No, I am serious. Think bucket list worthy. AND – they are giving away one of my bucket list items! (insert squee here)

Surfboard on Maui beach. I made my Bucket List some time ago and have been slowly checking off my progress. Number 28 – enjoy that one everyday. Number 5 – yeah, won’t be doing that again! Number 19 – love that I shared it with one of my besties. Number 9 -learn to surf is still not completed.

I have wanted to learn to surf for YEARS! It also doesn’t help that Hubby surfed and still has his boards in the basement. Being an ocean girl, I hear the waves calling me. What better way to become one with something so powerful than to embrace its power atop a piece of wood. And while it looks so easy, I know it is extremely difficult and I look forward to conquoring that challenge.

Wondering what the top 15 on my list are? Well then, here you go!

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Take a road trip in an RV
  3. Visit Cuba
  4. Bicycle through Napa Valley
  5. Backpack through Europe
  6. Walk on a frozen lake
  7. Try escargot
  8. Order dessert first in a restaurant
  9. Play paintball
  10. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  11. Take a belly dancing class
  12. Read Gone With The Wind
  13. Attend an Olympic competition
  14. Throw a brick through a window
  15. Cook a three course meal

Yes, I know I have a wide array of Bucket items but I think that is what makes it so much fun to complete. Plus, if it is on a list I have to be able to check it off. I wonder when Hubby is booking our trip to Fiji?? (Number 60 on my list)

This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things that I want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of my health. Want to enter? Head over to to get the details. 

Bucket List – Another One Down

going topless Ah the bucket list. That little list that holds you accountable for those things you feel you need to do in your life span. That list that, thanks to technology, your husband knows about and reminds you when it may serve in his favor. Sigh…

Hubby and I travelled to Utila to visit his family and while there, discovered many hidden wonders and a lot of tranquil beauty. We also discovered many private and deserted beaches. *ahem*

So, at one of these visits I decided to check off #42 on my bucket list. (Sorry Dad! You may want to stop reading here.) While it took some talking into I am really glad I did it. Ironically, so is Hubby.

Though, if you know an Irishman, you know he is not one to be upstaged. No, he has to puff out his chest and one up you because, well, he’s just that guy.

Damn I love that man!!

Karaoke in a bar?? Why yes I did!


photo courtesy of Lotus Carroll

An Irish girl walks into a bar…. Nothing strange about that is there? Unless of course she is walking into the bar, completely nervous and doe eyed at the contemplation that tonight is the night she will karaoke. On stage. In front of hundreds of people. Some of which are her friends. (ironically I am not sure that last sentence made me feel any better about the situation) The fact that I was about to do it with one of my most amazing friends did make it a lot easier. Some what. Did I mention there were real singers there too? Yeah, that made me feel better. *ahem*

I tried to pick a song that wouldn’t make me look like a complete fool, because YOWZA! Everyone would be watching me. Which I guess is what technically happens when you hop up on stage, into the spotlight, and start belting out your rendition of Blondie.

So how do you handle this onslaught of attention when you are nervous out of your mind? You stuff your hands in your jeans of course! Cause you know, you look SO much better with your hands rammed in your pockets. All the real rock stars are doing it. No seriously, they are.


photo courtesy of Lotus Carroll

You will be happy to know I made it through the song unscathed. I am, however, not sure how everyone else managed. Thankfully they are all still talking to me so it couldn’t have been that bad. And I can cross yet another thing off my Bucket List! Go me!