capital one mascot challenge update

Brutus the buckeye, ohio state Well, we are wrapping up the 12th week of the Capital One Mascot Challenge. Brutus, my beloved buckeye, is placed 5th which will guarantee him a spot in the playoffs. This week Brutus is up against The Duck from Oregon, who is in fourth. I have a feeling that The Duck will get thrown down a notch or two after this weeks battle.  Buckeye fans have been loyal, and as of this morning, Brutus has a strong lead. NOW, that does not mean slack off and stop voting. You saw what happened when we did that against Cincinatti… sigh.  They blindsided us at the tail end. Darn Bearcat!

Next week begins the payoff series. We Buckeyes still have a chance to pull off a win and send Brutus to the Capital One Bowl.  I am sure once the cold Ohio winter starts to set in, Brutus will be craving a little warmth and sunshine. So let’s vote Brutus to the top! Voting is easy. You can either vote online or text “Brutus” to 69866.  Texting is fast, fun and easy. Remember – You can text up to 250 times and hour! That is a lot of buckeye love my friends, a lot of buckeye love. Duck anyone??

PSA From Brutus the Buckeye

Brutus wants YOU to play nice

I would like to take a moment and offer a kind and gentle public service announcement, also know as a PSA.  As the official blogger for Brutus the Buckeye as part of the Capital One Mascot Challenge, I have sadly noticed quite a few things over the past few weeks. Now I will admit, I am quite in love with Brutus. I love my mascot and am loyal to. the. core. Some people call this crazy intense love plushophilia, I call it an intense love of furries. Capital One must also have a love of furries since they host the Mascot Challenge every year.

I would also like to remind everyone that the Mascot Challenge is all about good fun. I love watching the videos of all the silly antics of the mascots and all the crazy pranks they play on each other.  They are not pummeling the crap out of each other, they are not calling each other names, they are not being mean or cruel.

Now, even though some may consider me a crazed fan of a gigantic nut, I would never cross the ‘fan line’. While I do tease my husband, who supports the overgrown rabid rats Badgers, I do so in jest and out of love. I would never belittle him or his team, make crazy accusations or resort to name calling. Do we razz each other about our mascots and which is better – of course!! But that, in my opinion, is what team loyalty is all about and we respect each others right to love their team to the fullest. That my friends, is the core of loyalty.

When you are loyal to your team you take pride in representing them. You voice your love, you cheer them on during sporting events, you deck yourself out in your gear – you become part of the team. As a collegiate athelete I was often reminded that, when out in public, I represented my school. My actions, whether good or bad, reflected back on the my university. So calling other fans lame, weak and even racist, does not bode well with me. And sadly, now every time I about that certain college, my reaction will be negative. How sad that a few people can ruin harmless fun. Oh, and from now on – if you can’t say anything nice, please don’t say anything at all.

Now get on out there and vote Brutus to NUMBER ONE!!!  Go Bucks!

Capital One Mascot Challenge – Go Brutus!

As you all know, I am the official blogger for the Ohio State Buckeyes for Capital Ones Mascot Challenge. Brutus, well…. he has had a tough few weeks – both on and off the field. I am not even going to get in to the double loss he suffered last week because I am still trying to process it all. Let’s just say in this lassie’s house – it was not pretty. Did I mention I married an over grown rabid rat badger fan?? Yeah, I did. Don’t ask. His cuteness wooed me, that is all I can say.

Well this week Brutus is up against Mr. C from Vanderbilt. I will take this moment to say, Mr C, you are going DOWN!  Brutus is in need of a come back weekend. GO! Vote him to victory!!

I would also like to remind you that the Buckeye Nation has formed an alliance with Joe Vandal from Idaho. The Buckeye Nation is all about taking down UTEP this week and giving Joe Vandal ALL the vote we can. Come on Bucks – it is time for UTEP to be handed a loss.

Now, get on out there and VOTE! Heck, you can even text BRUTUS and JOEVANDAL to 69866. Did you know you can vote up to 250 times per hour?? That is a lot of Buckeye and Vandal love my friends. And who couldn’t use some extra love??

thursday ten – buckeye style

Brutus the Buckeye

It has been a while sine I have done a Thursday Ten post. I have been slacking, I know. I have been engrossing myself in my Fight For #1, I admit. What you haven’t VOTED yet??? You need a reason to vote Brutus to #1 in the Capital One Mascot Challenge? Well sit down then and I will give you ten!

1. This lassie looks fabulous in scarlet and gray if I do say so myself.

2. While the true Buckeye nuts are poisonous, the candy version is divine!

3. Ohio State University and my high school alma mater have the same fight song.

4. I still remember some of the cheer moves to our fight song and am not ashamed to bust them out during a Buckeye game.

5. Deep down, everyone from Ohio wants to dot the ‘i’.

6. Ohio State is drenched in pre-game traditions, my favorite being Mirror Lake Jump. The Thursday night before the Ohio State/ Michigan game, students plunge themselves into the frigid waters of Mirror Lake, for good luck.

7. Brutus is always a gentleman, even when wrongfully attacked by other mascots. We really love that about him!

8. It is easy to spell OHIO with four people. You can spot people doing it ALL over the world!!

9. The Horseshoe full of  screaming fans is one of the most beautiful sights in Ohio.

10. And last but not least, We of the Buckeye Nation LOVE our Buckeyes. We support then through the good and the bad times. No bandwagon followers here!!

So next time you see a Buckeye fan give them a friendly yell of “O – H’. You’ll make a friend forever!

Capital One Mascot Challenge – What is a Buckeye

Now go on and VOTE FOR BRUTUS!!

capitol one mascot challenge – Meet Brutus

Please don’t be alarmed. The scream you heard this morning – that was me. Yes, it was I who screamed at the top of her lungs when I found out I had been chosen to be Ohio State’s Mascot representative for the Capitol One’s Mascot Challenge. Have you met Brutus? He is quite the handsome fellow. I have been swooning over him for years! Can you believe he will be 45 this year? Dang he looks great for his age!!

I will now take this moment to warn you – I am not taking this position lightly. Even Hubby, who for some reason supports a team with an over-sized rat as a mascot, is stepping up to help Brutus go ALL. The. Way! What can you do to help you ask? Easy! Got to the Capitol One Mascot Challenge voting page and vote for Brutus. You can vote as often as you like. Want to vote continually for an entire hour? Oh, I would love you forever and bake you some of my killer caramel brownies! Out and about running errands? Have no fear! You can text the word Brutus to the number 69866 and vote on the fly. There is NO excuse for you to not be voting for Brutus!  Now get out there and vote people!! Go Buckeyes!!

** While I did apply for this honorable role, Capitol One is in no way coercing my intense love of Brutus. Sadly, that is all me my friends. I would also like to thank Danielle for hosting this fabulous opportunity.