mirror imagesBursting at the seams

Filled with love and excitement

Too hard to contain.

Most can’t comprehend

The magnitude of Blissdom’s

Unfathomable joy.

Ready to be embraced

By my internet soul sisters

Let’s get our BLISS on!!


Haiku-FridayBe sure to head over to Lou‘s to read what everyone else is haikuing about this week.

Photo courtesy of the uber amazing Rachel. I could seriously squeeze the HECK out of everyone in that photo!!!

Summer Fun Photo Challenge – Light

I love the reflection of morning sunlight! Perfect for this week’s Summer Fun Photo Challenge – Light. What light did you capture this week? Click, post and join along!

Summer Fun Photo Challenge – Technology

sassy irish lassieWelcome back to another addition of Blissfully Domestic‘s Summer Fun Photo Challenge! This week we are exploring technology. Sweet!  Who doesn’t love a little technology?

This lassie, while quite smitten with her techy toys, does still crave the good ole pen and paper to write.

What technology can you not live without?? Snap a picture of it and join in the fun!

Friday Haiku – It’s Bliss Baby

I'm a Blissdom Community Leader!In less than a week

I’ll be surrounded by squees

And over due hugs

I’m back in Nashville

Reunited with good friends

Anyone want gauc?

Can’t wait for Blissdom

A time to learn and reflect

Sprinkled with glitter.

Be sure to head over to Lou’s to read what everyone else is haikuing about this week.

Road Trip To Bliss

It’s that time of year again. The time when bloggers get giddy with delight, blow up Twitter with squees of excitement and converge in Nashville for four days of ultimate bliss. yes, that’s right…. it’s time for BLISSDOM!!

This year, instead of flying, I will be road tripping in a sassy Chevy Traverse courtesy of GM. Thanks GM!! Va-Room! Nothing like heading to Nash Vegas in style. Don’t worry, this lassie won’t be traveling in luxury alone. This Traverse is going to be full of fabulous writers, photographers, wives, mothers and bringers of awesome. Bet you didn’t know the Traverse could handle that much fabulousness did you?

Want to meet the players? Of course you do!

Player One: Kat

It’s moi! A funky and sassy girl with a lot of spunk. I am a lover of words, creator of stories and have a crazy passion for photography. I live in the land of boys and cherish any time I can spend with my own species. I must have coffee and music on my road trips or I get crabby. I am directionally challenged but can parallel park on a dime. I sing off key and dance like nobodies business – bring on the Cupid Shuffle! Oh, and I snort when I laugh but only when I laugh really hard. Believe me, it’s endearing.

 Player Two: Sarah

Sarah is the Princess of Everything – in her own mind, anyway. She’s also a cookie baking extraordinaire (don’t believe it? Ask anyone whose tried one of her famous – YES, FAMOUS – cookies!). She’s a bit clumsy and she’s a tremendous goofball, but she’ll make a great co-pilot on the Road To Bliss. Why? Because she’s got a fantastic sense of direction, she ALWAYS knows where the nearest coffee places are, and she’s brewing up a fantastic road trip playlist. Just, uh… don’t ask her to parallel park.

Player Three: Michelle

Michelle may have bribed her way into this road trip by promising to bake and bring something blissful.  Or maybe she’s just that fun.  She must really want to head to Blissdom since she’s avoids road trips whenever possible.  Driving in a Chevy Traverse though?  That may be the deciding factor.  She’ll be a great co-pilot for the simple reason that she promises not to ask “are we there yet” a single time.  Oh, and she has the bladder of a camel, which means fewer stops along the way!

Now the true question on everyone’s mind is – will we be able to fit all our stuff in the Traverse too? We will keep you posted! Feel free to stalk Kat, Sarah and Michelle on Twitter! Meanwhile, we’ll be getting our glitter ready for the conference (and road trip) of the year!

show me those pearly whites

Braces, I remember having them well. It was sixth grade and I had a mouth full of metal, expanders and rubber bands. At one point during my treatment I even had rubber bands that crisscrossed and made an ‘X’ across the front of my mouth. Those rubber bands made it almost impossible to talk, let alone the social ramifications as a girl in middle school.

As I looked back trying to find a picture from my metal-mouthed days, I realized every picture I had I was smiling with a closed mouth. Every. Single. One. Even though all my friends had braces, I was very self-conscious of mine. Finally, after two years of toothless smiles, I was left with a gorgeous smile I was willing to flash. Behold!  invisalignFlash forward a decade (or two) and I now have two boys of my own. Boys that are losing teeth. Boys with new adult teeth that are too big for their mouths. Boys with teeth that are coming in crooked. Boys that will need braces.

The dentist has already started laying the ground work. He already wants me to take the 10 year old to the orthodontist for an assessment. He wants to get that metal in my son’s mouth. But as a Mom, I don’t want him to be self-conscious. I don’t want my boys to be embarrassed of flashing their pearly whites. I want them to embrace their smiles. invisalign

Want a chance to give you child the lifetime of a great smile without the embarrassment of braces? Blissfully Domestic and Invisalign want to give you child a confident smile, all while straightening their teeth. The winner will receive one free Invisalign Teen treatment (valued at no more than $5500) and the gift of a confident new smile for one of their children.

**This is a sponsored post for a giveaway for Invisalign and BlissTV

Hands-On Learning

“The assignment, if you choose to particiapte, is to create a fully functioning Rube Goldberg. Oh and by the way, and you don’t get a choice to participate.”

One of my all time favorite class projects was building a Rube Goldberg for my high school Physics class. My partner and I slaved hours and hours on our project to get it to work just right. Thankfully my partner could wield a hammer and drill like nobodies business while I sat back, being the math nerd that I am, and calculted all the formulas. Through a variety of simple machines and chain reactions our ultimate outcome was to strategically fling an Alka Seltzer into a glass of water. We titled it, “The Cure For the Common Hangover“. We were high school seniors, what did you expect? I am sure our parents were proud. Maybe.

I remember loving the hand-on aspect of trying to find the perfect combination of simple machines to complete the task. Our Rube Goldberg had to have at least 10-15 steps and be constructed from scratch with regular household items. I really enjoyed this ‘out of the box’ approach to what could been, a very boring lesson. It challenged my mind, my creativity and my problem solving skills. It also incorporated team work, which, with a building project, can be quite the challenge.

Our Rube Goldberg was one of the few to work on the first try. It also scored popularity points for it’s functionality. What soon to be college Freshmen wouldn’t want one of those? I tried searching for a picture of our finished machine but came up empty handed. Oh the days before digital photos! In these days of technology though I wonder if my children will have a chance to experience this type of project. I hope they do. If not, I may just have to call up their Physics teacher some day!

This post is my entry for the Kleenex Hands-On Learning campaign being hosted on Blissfully Domestic.