Traveling Through Forty – Day 8

It all started when the check engine light came on. Ella was somewhere in the middle of Wyoming. She hadn’t see an exit or rest stop for miles. Come to think of it, she couldn’t remember the last tine she even saw a car. When a red light began to fervently flash, Ella quickly pulled over. Her owners manual said it was a broken Ecdysiast Dialator. “A what??!”

Ella knew she should’ve heeded her father’s advice to have the car inspected. She could just hear him now, “Ella Jane, I told you you needed to get your car checked out!”

Create a definition for the word ‘ecdysiast‘ and then use the word in your story. Begin your story with, “It all started when….” Curious as to the real definition of ecdysiast? An ecdysiast is a strip tease artist. Rrrar!

Traveling Through Forty – Day 7

His taste in women was quite eclectic. While he has had many lovers, he always made sure to relish his time with the current hot pepper of the moment. He especially loved when he found a lady with a complexion like mayonnaise – smooth and flawless, demanding to be touched. His affairs with women have gotten him in many a pickle and he has had to ‘mustard’ up countless apologies throughout the years. His biggest being when he doused his date’s meal with soy sauce when all she desired was a dollop of ketchup. Maybe it’s finally time to settle down!

My condiments to the chef! Today I had to use the words hot pepper, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce, relish and pickle in a story that started, “His taste in women was….”

Traveling Through Forty – Day 6

Life takes some funny twists and turns. Who would have thought small town me would end up in the big city working for one of the largest corporations in the world? As I walked up to building, the setting sun reflected rays of orange, yellow and red across the oversized windows, making them look like stained glass. The doorman greeted me with my mail; bill, the latest edition of Vogue and a large white envelope. The envelope boasted that I could be the next big winner. As I toss it in the trash I giggle and think – I already am!

Day six! My prompt for my Traveling Through Forty project today was: “You received a realistic envelope in the mail claiming ‘You May Have Already Won!’. Tell a story about what you may or may not have won and what you do with the envelope.

Traveling Through Forty – Day 5

Back in 1938, before child labor laws were enforced, my summers were spent working in the fields. Between our cotton plantation and my granddaddy’s orchards, there was always plenty of work for me to get done. Momma would wake me up at the break of dawn to catch the truck to the fields. I didn’t mind working in the morning so much when the breeze was cool and the sun was low. But by mid-afternoon all I wanted to do was jump in Ms. Lindsay’s pond. But nothing beat finding the perfect peach to sneak home for an after dinner snack!

My prompt for today was, “Back in 1938, before….” Have you been writing today??

Traveling Through Forty – Day 4

The ships sail billows as it begins to fill with air. Bright colors span across the belly of the canvas, as if almost boasting its wares. It was nothing short of beautiful. Just then, the captain began spouting orders at his crew to maximize the thrust of power Mother Nature had just provided. James wanted nothing more than for the Barrett Elise to win the Geneva again this year. While the other captains often complained of all the added stress during a race, James found it nothing short of exhilarating.  He could never imagine his life apart from the sea.

My prompt today was to write and fill the sail of a sailboat beginning with, “The ships sail.…”

Elusive Retreat

church_and_tree-claire-fullerThe wind swirled through the trees, causing the boughs to lament and moan. Sabina received his note in the marketplace from a young villager girl telling her he’d be coming for her tonight.

Sabina peered out of her bedroom window in the east tower, looking for any sign of movement below. Her anticipation was getting the best of her as any noise or disturbance instantly brought her to her feet. Finally, she heard the sound she’d been waiting for. Small rocks clinked against her windowpane, signalling her escape.

Her face flushed with excitement, knowing that there was no turning back.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, using only 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Boughs‘. While Friday Fictioneeers provided the photo prompt.


398810_10151011977692516_1802121691_nAs I begin to inch closer to a new decade in life – one that I believe holds great things – I know I must also take time to look back and reflect on the past. A huge ordeal for me since I am not fond of reliving or even temporarily revisiting that which has already happened. In fact, until earlier this year, my past had been safely stored and secured in the deepest, darkest crevices of my heart and soul. Left to collect dust and never be fully reopened – unless someone came along and thrashed open an old wound in the battle of life.

But during a class I took I was forced to open all those boxes, dump everything out, relive it and then – this is where it gets crazy – share it with the others in the class. ALL of it. WHAT??!?! Oh yes. I had to dust out every corner and bear all that I had worked so hard to hide and forget. Messed up right? Who in their right mind wants to vomit up every mistake, weakness and scar for a group to hear and analyze. Talk about ripping off the bandage! Who would voluntarily sign up for this train wreck? Me.

In the thick of it I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. (Please really read that as I was scared to death.) Those emotions were boxed for a reason. But as a faithful sheep I unpacked, dumped and sorted through a lot of hurt, pain and conflicts. Even better? Hubby was taking the class with me and had to do the same thing. OY! And while the process was far from pretty, I came out of it a different person – changed, healed and shockingly solid. Somehow while dumping out all the tattered and broken, God was able to put it all back together – whole – without gaps, holes and missing pieces. I was stronger and more solid than ever before. It was not the result I was expecting.

Those demons – while they still occasionally like to rear their ugly heads – don’t control me anymore. They no longer consume that which is me – the real me. I don’t have to chase down worthiness and love. You either love me as I am or move on. I will no longer chase you. I don’t need to cut myself to relieve the pain, to fix what is hurting within. I have been successful so far – yeah me!! Will there be times of weakness? I am sure. Will there be times when feelings of worthlessness try and take over? Absolutely! But for now I am going to keep my head up, shoulders back and exclaim, “Game On!!”

Revamped Emotions

clayHer hands slid along the soft sides of her latest creation, the wet slip gently gliding through her fingers. Sam often accused her of hiding from reality when she retreated to her studio, but she viewed it as mandated therapy.

With the soft glint of jazz in the background she could escape the demands that constrained her, rework through her emotions and leave them all behind on her wheel. Here she could embrace her free spirit instead of being judged by it, live her passion out loud and create the beauty that she saw that so many others took for granted.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, using only 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Rework‘.

Mutely Distinctive

mirrorShe gazed sadly at the lackluster face staring back at her. In her reflection she could see what everyone else saw. She could see her flaws, the less than perfect complexion, the hair that never looked quite right and the body that was far from beautiful. In the mirror, she saw ugliness that was Darcy.

In the mirror it was apparent why everyone loved Danny. In the mirror, her imperfections were magnified, a glaring reminder of why she was undeserving.

Darcy hadn’t told her parents that she applied to Columbia. She wondered if they would even notice she was gone.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, using only 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Lackluster‘.

Beautifully Convoluted

rainJulia lay staring up at the bleak greyness that stretched across the late morning sky. She could hear screaming and sirens but everything was muffled – like she was listening underwater.

The sensation of rain spread across her face. The soft drops provided a calming distraction to the chaos around her. Julia closed her eyes, enjoying the velvety sensation. She was quickly lulled into a lurid haze, freeing her mind and giving her the impression she was floating.

When she opened her eyes she gasped as she looked at the contorted body laying below. Yet for once, she was at peace.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, using only 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Contorted‘.