thursday ten

Oh, I got my favorite email of the summer yesterday telling me that football is right around the corner. I know I may have admitted to loving lacrosse more than football but then football came back into my life. Oh football, I am so sorry for ever doubting you! Forgive me? Now that that is off my chest I guess I had better move on to my Thursday Ten.

1. In the “Things You Can’t Believe Came Out of Your Mouth” category I have this lovely image: “Monkey, PLEASE stop chewing on the carpet.” “But I’m a hungry piranha Momma!”  sigh….

2. Speaking of Monkey Boy, project “Ride a Two-wheeler” has been put on hold to accomplish learning to tie his new big boy shoes. Yeah Monkey!! I will also take this moment to brag that he learned – the first try!! Oh the places he will go with that newfound skill. *snort*

3. I had the shocking discovery the other day that my 10 y/o was wearing my socks….. AND they fit! He was also kind enough to inform me that his month old shoes were now too small. Can someone please inform him he cannot grow this fast. Anyone… anyone??

4. I finished Linger by Maggie Stiegvater and really enjoyed it. It’s a great fast summer read. Yesterday I started The Help and  have not been able to put it down. Guess my boys will be neglected for the next 444 pages – sorry boys!

5. I had a blast on my road trip with my brother. I can’t believe we have never done something like that before. Sadly, with both of our schedules and such I don’t think we will probably be able to do it again.

6. This song, Animal by Neon Trees, is another one of my new summer favorites. Plus they have a GIRL drummer who is uber cute so I love them even more! Another bonus is my boys love this song too. Good thing because I play it quite often!

7. Just got an email with an amazing possibility. I am keeping my fingers crossed it come through but trying to not get to excited by the possibility. If it does you will hear me squeal around the world!

8. I have begun tackling cleaning out the cabinets. Even though we have only been in our house for a year I feel like the clutter is already starting. I also know someone may have unpacked and thrown things in random places just to try and get rid of some of the boxes. So now I am trying to clean up their mess. *ahem*

9. Only two more weeks of my photography class. I have to say I am really loving it. My goal now is to save up enough pennies for a 50 mm lens. Now, if my 50 mm lens came in this epiphany bag?? Oh lawd have mercy on my soul – I just may pass out or go screaming naked down the street. Hopefully I pass out before taking on that second one. No one wants to see that I promise you!

10. I need to make sure I share this, so that if something happens, it is ALL documented. Monkey Boy has this Star Wars action figure that keeps turning up WHEREVER I am . I think he is stalking me. So if you read about a poor little lassie who was attacked by a Luke Skywalker figurine you will know who it is. He is watching me right now…. guess I had better wrap this up.

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thursday ten

Wow am I feeling discombobulated this week. The holiday weekend has definitely thrown me for a loop! How was your 4th of July?

1. I did something I swore I would never do – I dressed my dog up for a holiday. Yes, I decked her out in a little navy blue and white sundress bedazzled with a red and white rhinestone anchor. And yes, I did accessorize with a matching navy blue and white gingham bow. No need to say it – lame, lame, lame. What?? You heard I had her grand marshall our neighborhood parade too? Who told you??

2. I am very excited about the photography class I am taking. I am learning a lot and love trying to hone in on my some of my lagging photography skills. Oh who am I kidding, I need a lot of help!

3. I finished reading Shiver and loved it! It is a new series similar to Twighlight but about werwolves. You can check out my review HERE. I am almost done with the sequel Linger and have The Help on my nightstand. I SO want to jump into that one but will wait till I finish Linger. Guess I had better get reading!

4. My brother and I are heading out on a road trip to our hometown tomorrow. I must admit I am looking forward to it. Seven hours in the car with my brother – I hope he’s prepared! Hey lil bro, I promise to not sing off key the whole way home.

5. Found a new song my iPod is loving – Fixed by the Stars. Love, love, love it! Check it out:

6. Here it is, almost the middle of July, and I have yet to check anything off my summer To-Do List. Most of it involves painting (bleck), cleaning (double bleck) or organizing (kill me now). What? Do I want to go lounge by the pool? Sure!!

7. The boys and I have found a new summer family show called Downfall. It is one of the cheesy game shows that comes on in the summer months when nothing else is on TV. Add that to their all time favorite show, Wipeout and they are happy boys on Tuesdays!

8. We have begun “Operation Learn To Ride a Bike” in our house. Monkey Boy has decided he wants to be like all the neighborhood ‘big boys’ and ride a two wheeler. Wish me luck! I wonder how long it is going to take….. hmmmmm.

9. I am still slowly been getting over the whole ‘drowning event‘. It still haunts me and I still sit like an anxiety ridden freak on the side of the pool – even when Monkey Boy has a life jacket on. Seriously? I signed up for this stress?? Blargh!

10. Found a new yummy snack, (besides my addiction to sunflower seeds), Snapea Crisps. While they aren’t Dorios, I am still trying to convince myself they are!

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thursday ten

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. Oh, how I love thee Thursday. Why you ask? Because I get to write my Thursday Ten! The ten random things that happened this past week or just random thoughts that are floating around in my noggin.

1. I had talked about the delicious vegan pizza, aka  “Vegan Delight“, that Hubby and I make in my post on Monday. Well, we made it again on Wednesday. It was even more delicious than before. Feast your eyes on this yumminess!

2. Today is also the first time the sun has been out in days. Guess this lassie will be packing up the boys and heading to the pool. Vitamin D here I come!

3. Our missionary friends from Operation Mobilization came to stay with us a few days this week. They too live in the land of boys, with three young lads. We had a great time. Oh, and the boys did too! But how can you go wrong with Legos, trains and a trip to the aquarium?

4. I am starting a photography class this week that I have been dying to take. I just got my assignments and book and can’t wait to dive in. be on the lookout for uber fabulous photos! Ok, maybe not. But I am hoping that they are at least an improvement from what I am taking now. I am also hoping it will getting me taking more pictures on a regular basis. Someday I will finish a project 365!

5. Looking for a hilarious, laugh out loud summer read? And by ‘laugh out loud‘ I mean snorting and guffawing so if you are reading in public other people give you those sideways funny looks. Then I suggest “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea“. I will warn that Chelsea Handler’s writing is a bit risque and vulgar but if you don’t mind a F-bomb here or there it is SO worth reading. Nexy on my list, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

6. Yesterday was Hubby’s birthday. Happy birthday! This year I decided to get him something different for his birthday – a new ring. We have worn matching rings on our right ring fingers since we were dating. In our almost 13 years together we have gone through (broken) three. Fear no more! The incredibly talented and gorgeous Lisa from Studio Jewelry made him one similar to this with an inscription on the inside. Hubby LOVED it!!! So in turn, my crush on Lisa continues. Check out her blog for all her latest creations and adventures.

photo courtesy of Studio Jelwery

7. I am also happy to say that Hubby’s present made up for the horrifically crappy Father’s Day he had. (Yeah me) The thought that both his daughters forgot to do or say anything to him on Father’s Day still blows my mind. They are SO great like that. Luckily I believe in Karma and she tends to be…. well, you know her temperment!

8. My dreams to be reincarnated as a dog or cat have once again been confirmed. Can you believe this chihuahua recently inherited 8.3 million dollars? I wonder if she would be willing to move to Chicago? I promise to take really good care of her!

9. I have finally, ok maybe only somewhat, gotten over the shock of watching my 5 year old almost drown last week. It did take me over a week to finally go back to the pool. Thankfully Mother Nature provided some of her own intervention. I also opted for a lifejacket once the pool got really crowded but that only brought my anxiety level down to about a level 3.

10. Looking for a cute online game for your kiddos? My boys’ new obsession is Polar Bear Bowling. They like to play together and can do so without fighting (added bonus). Throw in the fact that my 10 y/o is OBSESSED with polar bears and it’s a win/ win.

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thursday ten

Well, it’s another rousing edition of Thursday Ten. I am Kat and I will be your host today. So sit back, buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Oh, and please keep all hands and feet within the moving vehicle at all times. Kthx

1. Well, I am on day four of my Engine 2 Diet. I have to say I am doing quite well. Hubby on the other hand… well that’s a different animal. He is down four pounds but is fiending potato chips and candy. Can you feel my joy??
2. Due to the rain that has been plaguing the Midwest, I spent the other day in the basement unpacking boxes from our move a year ago. I made a lot of progress and have a TON of stuff ready for our garage sale.
3. Lacrosse season is coming to a close. We have a huge tournament this weekend and then it’s all good till football season.
4. Just finished Jodi Picoult’s Keeping Faith. Loved it and highly recommend it. Next on the list: Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.
5. Why yes, I am recreationally reading instead of doing my graduate class work. Thank you for reminding me! *ahem*
6. I also have to admit that I am still reveling in the Blackhawks Stanley Cup win last night. If you didn’t watch the game – MAN did you miss out! We are even planning on braving the crowds to go to the parade downtown tomorrow. Sound be nothing but chaotic fun!
7. I will also admit that I went to the gym today with Batman. Sorry Hubby! While unpacking I stumbled across the Halloween costumes and Monkey boy has been Batman ever since.
8. D-man and I finally picked out the paint colors for his room. Now I just have to find the time to paint it. ….sigh

9. Learned the hard with this week that sometimes blessings come in disguise and the disguise is UGLY. But, it is a blessing none-the-less.
10. I have also been scouring for some new summer music. Any suggestions? What is playing on your iPod right now?
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thursday ten – oy vey the chaos

Where are these weeks going? So cliche I know. But seriously!? To try and catch you up with the chaos that is my life, I will once again be riding on This Mom’s Wired coat-tales and borrowing her Thursday Ten dealio.

1. Today was my last day of school!! Oh, you heard me right. School’s out for the summer! This lassie gets to relax and wrangle her kiddos for the next three months. Can someone please pass the sunscreen?

2. I have some sad news: I will not be participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I was only able to raise $600 leaving me $1,200 short. While I wish I could fork over that kind of money, I cannot. I am happy with the amount of money I did raise during these challenging economic times though. AND I will be paying my uber fantastic friend a visit while she is here participating in the walk.
3. Speaking of my walk, I would like to announce the two winners of my photo collage competition. You can check out the first place winner HERE and the second place winner HERE. Congrats to the winners!

4. My littlest leprechaun graduated pre-school yesterday. Seriously, have you seen anything cuter?

5. Have you checked out the newest project I am working on? You can find me curating under pets.

6. I am patiently waiting to unveil my new website. It is going to knock your sock off!

7. I also can’t wait to dive into my stack of books that has been accumulating on my nightstand. Summer is my ‘high read’ time of the year. I will let you know if I read any juicy ones!

8. I also just realized that I am also taking two college classes this summer. grumble grumble What was I thinking? Do I really want a PhD?? I think I may be reconsidering.

9. Hubby and I are starting the Engine 2 Diet on Monday. According to my friend you probably won’t want to read my rantings for the first two weeks. BUT, she and her Hubby had amazing results that I just can’t pass up. Stay tuned!

10. I can’t wait to close the the book on a VERY long chapter of my life next week. Here is to hoping that justice will prevail and everything else can just suck it!!

thursday ten – bring on the oy

Today I am stealing borrowing this great idea from This Mom’s Wired. She does a great little piece every week called Thursday Ten. Her Thursday Teb is full of totally random things (and I say random with love) about her week, her life and her 1001 list. I love it and look forward to reading it every week. Now, while I am borrowing the idea, it does not mean mine will be as thought out and put together as hers. I have a ginormous amount of random thoughts swirling around in my head and will probably just spew them out and pray for semblance. *insert praying here*

1. While I understand that I live in the Midwest I have found myself shaking my fist at the weather gods as of late. Really? 56 and rainy again?! So done. Can we please bring on some warmer weather?
2. On a good note – I was uberly spoiled this year by my boys for Mother’s Day. This year, they got me a new playmate. Thankfully one that does not need potty trained or daily walks. Yep, my boys got me THIS: (insert squee here)

Yes, this new Fender is All. Mine. Stay tuned for updates!
4. On a downer note – I am nowhere near where I need to be for my Avon Walk in less then three weeks. grumble grumble I am hoping for a miraculous money tree to pop up in my yard but as of now, I gotz nuthin. Feel the urge to save some bewbs? You still have time to donate to my cause!
5. Speaking of trees – project yard is ON and in full swing. Well, that is not entirely true since, according to number one, it has been cold and rainy the past few weeks. We are supposed to have warmer weather this weekend so my Honey-Do List will be out in full force!
6. We are quickly coming to the end of another school year. I am counting down the days, as are my boys. I am so ready to have the summer off! Sadly, with the end of the school year comes crazy business for me. CRAZY busy I tell you!!
7. Lacrosse – wow! What can I say. Which each week’s game I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan. I may even admit to liking it a wee bit more then football. Shhhhh, don’t tell! Check out my little man (#41) in action:

8. Can’t wait to share the secret I have been keeping. I am hoping I will be able to share real soon!
9. This is one of my new favorite artists as of late. Kenny has an amazing voice that keeps him on my iPod repeat quite often.
10. One more day till Friday. This weekend can’t come soon enough! I can here the vino calling me now.