Bucket List

The wonderfully beautiful Sarah was talking about Bucket Lists the other day and my mind started racing. I have talked about many thing I would like to do before my time is up. What better way to hold myself accountable then to write them all down? I am happy to say that I have accomplished several things that, as a child and young adult, I always wanted to do. Is it fair to put those on my list when I have already done them or should I start fresh from right now? Deep down I think that would be cheating but it would be nice to see some items crossed off!  So with that said, I am going to start my own Bucket List.

Kat’s Official Bucket List

1. Throw a brick through a window
2. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
3. Score a header during a soccer game
4. Be in a parade   **Completed 3/17/12**
5. Get a bikini wax  ** Completed 5/23/11**
6. Learn how to play an instrument
7. Take a picture in front of Buckingham Palace
8. Backpack through Europe
9. Learn to surf  **Completed  5/18/2012**
10. Go on a cruise
11. Pay for an older couples dinner
12. Go fishing in Canada
13. Run a half marathon
14. Swim with dolphins
15. Go on an African safari
16. Run with the bulls
17. Bungee jump
18. Get my PhD
19. Karaoke in a bar  **Completed 1/29/11 to Blondie**
20. Get a hot stone massage
21. Hold a tarantula
22. Take a road trip in an RV
23. Ride a horse down into the Grand Canyon
24. Paint a picture and display it in my home
25. Bicycle through Napa Valley
26. Learn to scuba dive
27. Visit Cuba
28. Drive a convertible **Own one as of 7/27/2010  Woo Hoo! **
29. Spend a week on a house boat
30. Go to a movie alone
31. Read Gone With the Wind
32. Attend an Ohio State football game
33. Go streaking
34. Attend an NFL game
35. Walk on a frozen lake
36. Go for a walk in the rain
37. Try escargot
38. See a wild kangaroo in Australia
39. Go hunting
40. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
41. Meet a president of the United States
42. Go topless on a beach  **Completed 8/15/11**
43. Go white water rafting
44. Ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle
45. Attend an Olympic competition
46. Go horseback riding on a beach
47. Cook a three course meal
48. Visit my grandparent’s grave **Completed 7/10/2010**
49. Be a part of  Flash Mob **Completed 1/28/2011**
50. Walk on the Great Wall of China
51. Plant a tree
52. Visit every state in the US
53. Learn to play a new sport
54. Have a professional photo shoot of just me  **Completed 4/28/2012**
55. Visit Jerusalem
56. Wine tasting in a vineyard
57. Order dessert first in a restaurant
58. Take a belly dancing class
59. Complete a 365 photo project
60. Go to Figi
61. Play paintball
62. Learn to sail
63. Play roulette in Vegas
64. Learn to wakeboard
65. Have dreadlocks  **Completed 6/14/12**
66. Milk a cow
67. Go to a black sand beach
68. Ride a zip line

Let the journey begin!!