WHAT!?! You want to know about me? Well, I think I just may blush! There is so much to share. Let’s start with the players.

First and foremost there is Kat (me), also know as the Lassie. I am a funky and sassy girl with a lot of spunk. Tend to be devilish in nature (so they tell me) and an avid soccer player. Must haves include coffee, chocolate and sleep or I am a very crabby girl. I am married to Hubby and have two mischievous leprechauns. We also have one dog, two cats, one ball python and lots of chaos!

Next there is Hubby – my partner in crime, best friend and leprechaun wrangler. He is a firey skater/surfer/ snowboarder who masquaredes as a glorified computer geek to pay the bills. His Irish eyes have a glint of mischief and he can often be found enjoying a nice pint of Guiness, or other brew of choice, after a long morning day.

Leprechaun one – D, aka Bear, an 12 year old lad with a heart of gold. He is sensitive and loving – unless of course he is on the football or lacrosse field! He loves a good book, cranking up tunes and is my little math whiz. He can often be found tormenting his younger brother or begging to play video games.


Leprechaun two – G, aka Monkey, a seven year old terror whirlwind who is always on the go. He inherited his Dad’s mischevious eyes and has a smile that will stop you dead in your tracks. Throw in eye lashes that any girl would kill for and you have your self one little heartbreaker.


On this journey you will experience the highs and lows of my chaotic life with boys, as well as a few reviews and giveaways. (just to spice things up a bit) I love email and comments so feel to do both as much as possible!! I promise… I will still love you in the morning! Have something you are dying to know about this lassie? Drop your questions in the comment section below and I will gladly answer them for you!