Lavishly Insufficient

enoughHer body was so immersed in evil she could hardly breathe. There was no room for light, no space for air. Her soul had been consumed by darkness, a vast void of destitution for decade.

They had done this to her. They had made her forsaken.

Yet when faced with the alternative, she retreated to what was known. She knew it would never be enough. She refused to relive the cycle and sought solace in seclusion, seeking anything to numb the pain.

As midnight approached she prepared for the worst. Curling into herself she silently pleaded for morning to come.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, using only 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Enough‘.


  1. Her despair and frustration is palpable in this piece.

  2. Extremely intense and well written! You leave me wanting to find a way to free her from whatever has held her soul captive for so long. There is always a way!

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