Unending Permanence

night glade

The wind whipped across the road, pelting Simon with dirt and debris. He wasn’t even close, with miles left in his journey, yet he trudged on. He wasn’t sure what was going to be waiting for him at the end of this road, but something – some force –  was urging him forward.

Even though he lived several towns away, he had heard of Galiena. Stories of her prophecies, rumors of her healing and magical powers, myths that she knew what the future held.

Simon knew about the ancient map and the promises it held. He also knew surviving depended on it.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, using only 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Surviving‘.

You can read the back story HERE.

Lavishly Insufficient

enoughHer body was so immersed in evil she could hardly breathe. There was no room for light, no space for air. Her soul had been consumed by darkness, a vast void of destitution for decade.

They had done this to her. They had made her forsaken.

Yet when faced with the alternative, she retreated to what was known. She knew it would never be enough. She refused to relive the cycle and sought solace in seclusion, seeking anything to numb the pain.

As midnight approached she prepared for the worst. Curling into herself she silently pleaded for morning to come.

The challenge of 100 words is to write a post, using only 100 words. Velvet Verbosity is back and this week she challenged us with ‘Enough‘.

Why I Write


I often get asked why I write? Mostly by my boys, but I have been asked by others as well. With BlissDom around the corner (insert loud squee here) my writing heart strings are pulled tight. I can’t wait to surround myself with those who also hunger for words. Those, that if denied a chance to share the words tumbling around in their head would probably spontaneously combust. Google it – it happens.

For me, writing is a gateway to peace. A way for me to organize the creative life that lives within me. Nothing brings me more happiness than a new journal. Ok, maybe that first sip of coffee every morning is first but a new journal is a close second! The clean crisp pages beg to be filled, they long for words and verses and stories. It longs to be worn around the edges, the corners bent, the ribbon frayed. I carry journals with me everywhere and will often choose the physical act of writing over typing.

Writing gives me a place to escape, to verbalize my pain, bare my soul and create lives and stories for the imaginary people running around in my head. Writing allows me to breathe.

I would love to hear why you write, what scares you about writing and what is one thing you want to tackle with your writing. Always remember the words of Holly Gerth: “Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.”

You will be amazed at what comes from stepping out of your comfort zone!

Remains of the Day


Spirals of suds swirl slowly down the sink.

Currents of sunlight course through the curtains, catching flecks of cascading dust cavorting midair.

Steam slowly escapes from my coffee cup, enticing me to savor its first sip.

Words tumble onto the paper, transforming in tantalizing tales.

Silence surrounds me, embracing me like a long lost friend.