I desperately searched his eyes for the answer, waiting for a response I didn’t want to hear.

He was still so young, but deep down, I knew his love for her was real.

This is my response to prompt two of this week’s Trifecta challenges: Write a 33 word response using the third definition of the word ‘Anticipation‘.


  1. This makes me think of the first time a young man tells his mom he has fallen in love. Can you tell I’m not ready for my son to grow up?

  2. That’s the worst – waiting for an answer you already know, but don’t particularly like.

  3. yes, worst kind of anticipation!

  4. A great piece. I can feel the sorrow.

    Just a bit of practical advice for the future: Trifecta prefers that you actually use the prompt word in the entry (in this case: anticipation) unless otherwise indicated (:

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