Progressive Movement

Out in the distance the sky smoldered as the sun attempted to drop below the horizon.  When Galiena entrusted the youngling with the secret maps, she never dreamt it would lead to this. She was trying to prevent a revolution, preclude the uprising of the under world.

Galiena wanted to change the outcome she saw in her dreams. Vivid pictures flashed through her mind, instantly chilling her to the core.

Ur insisted she didn’t mean to do it. That she never thought her callous action would change the fate of the world.  Sadly, she could not have been more wrong.

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100 Word Song is a writing challenge from Lance based on a weekly music prompt. This week’s challenge was inspired by ‘Revolution‘ by The Beatles.
This story is a third in a series. Please read The Eternal Kingdom and Death of a Kingdom for reference.


  1. There is some strong figurative language used wisely in this 100 Word Song story. Nice!

  2. I really liked this post. I’m now obligated to go and read the previous two parts and enjoy this one again!

  3. Oh! Every time I check in with this story, the tension and drama build. It sounds like they are screwed without those maps.

  4. Much like k~, I loved the language of this. That first line was read three times alone!

  5. I like the undercurrent of power in this piece. A lot packed into 100 words.

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